Age: 7 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $450.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Long live the Queen of Soul! Please welcome and Say a Little Prayer for our newest arrival: Aretha.

Today is the day so many dogs dream about. Aretha is officially retired and received her freedom ride from South Texas today. She was in a shelter, but never claimed, even though she was microchipped. What a Chain of Fools! You can tell she has more than a few litters, so maybe someone just let her go to find her own new life.

Well, new life it is for this brindle gal. She has a little age on her, her eyes are goopy and she walks with a limp. But we are determined to turn this gal back into a princess and Natural Woman.

Aretha will be going to the vet for a complete exam and spa treatment. We will have a better idea of her age once she is examined there. In the meantime, she is resting and getting ready for her next adventure. Could that adventure include a visit to your home?

9/17/18 Update:  Aretha just settled into her new foster home! This senior gal just wants a place to rest and someone to give lots of belly rubs!

9/22/18 Update:  Hello Miss Aretha here. They also call me mama. I prefer mama. I am finally comfortable showing my personality around here. Foster mom calls me the queen. My hobbies include: eating and napping. I love my naps. I don’t mind the kids. They don’t bother me one bit. Unless the baby tries to sit on me. I love walking although I can’t walk very far. I don’t like the rain but I do love laying down in a warm bath. I may be a senior but I LOVE playing around. I have only had one accident in the house. But it wasn’t my fault. It was too wet outside! I love staring out of the window from the comforts of my bed. I am finally friends with the other dogs here. We like laying around together. My foster family loves me to the moon they say.

9/27/18 Update:  Learned today that little miss loves the car! She enjoyed sitting in the school pick-up line and kept me company. She is seriously the sweetest little thing ever! Don’t mind our goopy eye. She’s on meds for it. That and warm wash cloth wipes.

9/30/18 Update:  Aretha loves spending time with the kids in her foster home. And they’re helping to keep her young!

10/16/18 Update:  I’m living the dream at my foster house. Lots of naps, treats and belly rubs. I’m walking a lot better than I was when I first got here. I even started running! I like to talk. I sure have lots to say! I realized how much I LOVE playing with toys. Anything that squeaks is awesome in my book. I got a new foster sister yesterday. She is just a puppy and all I want to do is give her kisses and run around with her.

My eyes are finally clearing up, which is great. All I need in my life is hands to run my belly, a big comfy bed and squeaky toys!

10/30/18 Update:  My name is Aretha, but I really love being called Mama. I have a had a very exciting week. I stole one of the puppy’s toys and it’s my most favorite thing. I have learned that I really love anything that squeaks! I may walk like an old lady, but I sure play like the young pups.

I also have claimed my spot on the couch. I think it has my name on it because it’s really just mine. I’m a queen and all queens deserve a throne. Foster Mom loves cuddling with me and I soak it all in. I’m just a big love bug. I have finally learned how to play with the puppy. She is hyper and it’s sometimes too much for me, but I’m working on keeping up. I’m definitely not a morning person. Thank goodness Foster Mom let’s me sleep in! And when, 9 p.m. hits, it’s bedtime. I also have learned that I love watching Foster Dad cook. I’ll only beg for a little bit. Then it’s time to lay down and just hang out with him. I have learned how to go out the doggy door and even how to push open the front door, but I also wait on the humans to walk with me.

I’m a big cuddle bug. I like to give tons of kisses . Foster Mom says she is madly in love with me. I may wobble when I walk, but I’m truly a puppy a heart. I’m just looking for someone to spoil me rotten and give me tons of snuggles!

11/15/18 Update:  I can’t begin to express how absolutely wonderful sweet mama girl is… She is my little bundle of joy. She is my happy place. Her goofy personality shines more and more every day. She is becoming mighty vocal. She tells us many stories and definitely lets us know when she wants some snuggles. We have learned that she gets nervous if it’s too dark at night. She will bark until we turn on a light and tell her everything is OK. She is the queen of all the dog beds. In her eyes, they are all hers and will make the other pups move when she wants to lay down. She isn’t a fan of the cold and will only go outside to go potty and then comes right back in to snuggle up and take a nap. She is an absolute sweetheart. I’d say her favorite times of the day is breakfast, nap and then dinner. She also somehow managed to climb up in the dryer for some warm clothes and quiet time. No idea how she pulled that one off, but she was mighty comfortable in there. She is such a little blessing in our home and we just love her to the moon! Any family would be so very lucky to have this sweet baby in their family.

11/20/18 Update:  I’m still doing AMAZING. Living like the queen I deserve to be. My foster parents keep telling me how special I am. Well, let’s face it, I am. I am absolutely perfect. I give the best snuggles in the world. Foster Mom keeps telling me how happy I make her. How could you not love my sweet love mark on the top on my head? Anyway, I’m just hanging out, stealing all the love and treats I can get. Being the perfect dog ever. Loving life, y’all!