Age: 7 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Long live the Queen of Soul! Please welcome and Say a Little Prayer for our newest arrival: Aretha.

Today is the day so many dogs dream about. Aretha is officially retired and received her freedom ride from South Texas today. She was in a shelter, but never claimed, even though she was microchipped. What a Chain of Fools! You can tell she has more than a few litters, so maybe someone just let her go to find her own new life.

Well, new life it is for this brindle gal. She has a little age on her, her eyes are goopy and she walks with a limp. But we are determined to turn this gal back into a princess and Natural Woman.

Aretha will be going to the vet for a complete exam and spa treatment. We will have a better idea of her age once she is examined there. In the meantime, she is resting and getting ready for her next adventure. Could that adventure include a visit to your home?

9/17/18 Update:  Aretha just settled into her new foster home! This senior gal just wants a place to rest and someone to give lots of belly rubs!

9/22/18 Update:  Hello Miss Aretha here. They also call me mama. I prefer mama. I am finally comfortable showing my personality around here. Foster mom calls me the queen. My hobbies include: eating and napping. I love my naps. I don’t mind the kids. They don’t bother me one bit. Unless the baby tries to sit on me. I love walking although I can’t walk very far. I don’t like the rain but I do love laying down in a warm bath. I may be a senior but I LOVE playing around. I have only had one accident in the house. But it wasn’t my fault. It was too wet outside! I love staring out of the window from the comforts of my bed. I am finally friends with the other dogs here. We like laying around together. My foster family loves me to the moon they say.

9/27/18 Update:  Learned today that little miss loves the car! She enjoyed sitting in the school pick-up line and kept me company. She is seriously the sweetest little thing ever! Don’t mind our goopy eye. She’s on meds for it. That and warm wash cloth wipes.

9/30/18 Update:  Aretha loves spending time with the kids in her foster home. And they’re helping to keep her young!

10/16/18 Update:  I’m living the dream at my foster house. Lots of naps, treats and belly rubs. I’m walking a lot better than I was when I first got here. I even started running! I like to talk. I sure have lots to say! I realized how much I LOVE playing with toys. Anything that squeaks is awesome in my book. I got a new foster sister yesterday. She is just a puppy and all I want to do is give her kisses and run around with her.

My eyes are finally clearing up, which is great. All I need in my life is hands to run my belly, a big comfy bed and squeaky toys!