Age: 8 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


I can’t believe the nerve of that lady. She said I was built like a linebacker!  She hurt my feelings. I’m just an older full-figured gal. My old parents said they loved their girls chunky and that I gave them plenty to love. I’d like to tackle that lady and show her what I really am.

I have been well taken care of all my life. But for some reason I have gotten more cranky in my old age (8). I haven’t adjusted well as the family added more animals and my acting out caused me to spend too much time in timeout. So after trying several things, my family decided I had spent enough time in a crate for my own good. They talked to these nice rescue people who said they could find the perfect family where I would be free to be me.

That family would be where I was the only dog, and the laps were big. I still move really good for my age and 76 pounds. I think all the stress lately has messed up my skin, but it will be fixed in no time. So hurry up and fill out that application. I can’t wait all day for you to come take me home.

5/20/18 Update:  Please, when you say my name, say BAM… say it like you mean it! BAM! I need to let you know that I was a victim of bullying. Yes, it was Bulldog bullying yesterday and I am not happy about it AT ALL.

Here is what happened and you be the judge… I hitched a Lyft yesterday from Dr. Larsen’s and as I was sitting in the back seat, I heard the driver Bill say, “I hope you have a fork lift when I get there because I am carrying a wide load!” I looked over my shoulder to see what was in the trailer he was referencing and there was no trailer! Well, I thought that was odd so I just sat there with my ear pressed against the back seat. Then I heard some more disturbing things like, “This is the fattest Bulldog I have ever seen” and “Wow… she just let herself go!l” I thought, as I sat there eating my ice cream cone, how dare they be talking about me, BAM. Hello, I can hear you! I am right behind you!

Let’s just say Bill did NOT get a tip. I will never ride with Lyft again. From now on, it is Uber for me! It took me 8 years to get this smoking hot body and I am proud to be a part of the Fluffy Senior Bulldog Club. It’s better than being hungry any day! Please send in a application and maybe you’ll be matched to me. It’s been a terrible, emotional few days for me and I see some binge eating in the future… unless I can find my furever family fast!