Bella April

Age: 5 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $600.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Bella April

Hello all you bulldog lovers, it’s me Bella April and I am now a happy member of bulldog rescue! I think you should know my story. It’s not really a happy one, but none the less, it’s about me. I had a home, and I had a Dad. Things were good. Then the worst thing happened.  My Dad died at home and no one knew. No one came to check on us and for 2 weeks and I was in the house alone. Needless to say when someone did come check on us I was in really rough shape. I had not eaten for two weeks and I was really sick from no food and little water. A relative took me to the local vet and ask that I be PTS. But, lucky for me the vet knew that I was worth saving. It has taken about two months for me to get back in good shape. I have had numerous baths, special food, eye medication for my one good eye, and all the love that I could stand. The wonderful lady who took me home to help me get back in shape, I call my angel. She never gave up on me. When I did not smell like roses she kept right on loving me.  When I chased her wiener dog thru the house at Daytona speed all she did was say, “Bella April pick on someone your own size!”  So today with 1 paw raised I asked if I could go join rescue so my forever home could be found.  It was like a tear fest when my angel Mom left me.  But, here I am, Bella April a beautiful bulldog lady!

4/26/20 Update:  Bella April is ready for Spring!  With a name like Bella April she must be ready for Spring.  This girl has stolen my heart with her sweetness and story.  Bella came to us when she was found in the house with her dad.  He had pasted away, and she had been in the house with him for 2 weeks before anyone found them.  She had not eaten or had water for those 2 weeks.  Someone finally found them and that is how she found her way to us.  We are so thankful we have each other.

Bella is 4-Years Old and is a round 45lbs. now.  She sees the world through one eye, but with that one eye she sees it with love.  She must have had a great dad.  She loves people and has wonderful manners. She was very well cared for.

She is a quiet, loving girl, who loves to sit with you.  She is good with other fur babies.  Being 4 and living only with her dad, she is not much of a player.  She likes her chew toy, but she is not going to roll around on the floor with you or chase a ball.  She is going to lay in the sun on the porch while you have your coffee or wine or sit on the couch or in the recliner with you.  She’s going to always look up at you with her heart shinning through that one eye, telling you she loves you more than ice cream.

On picture day she was wonderful and interested in everything and everyone.  She is an easy girl to be with and love.  I kept looking at her wondering what she must have been thinking those 2 weeks in that terrible situation.  How confused and scared she must have been.  How many times she walked to her dad and tried to wake him.  How hungry and thirsty she was and yet here she was in front of me healthy and happy again.  God is Good!

Bella April needs love, hugs and kisses the rest of her life!

As we all know Bulldogs are special, and they need special care.  For her to not eat or drink, to watch the sun come up and go down in the silence by herself all that time makes her a very special Bulldog.  A Survivor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/28/20 Update:  Bella April checking in from my new foster home. There is an array of fur at this place and so far I am ok with that. I told foster mom that I needed to take it slow, I like other pups but with my vision a little impaired I need to feel everyone out before picking my best friends. I love toys, to be with foster mom, and I take care of my business outside. Don’t let my one eye keep you from filling out an application because I am the perfect little package!

5/25/20 Update:  I’ve been at Mays’ Manor for a few weeks and I’m settling in just fine. I don’t always see eye-to-eye with the other pups (eye-to-eye…. did y’all get that? Ha! I crack myself up), but I am slowly learning that they are not so bad and I’m relaxing more. Foster Mom is always reassuring me that I have no reason to be scared and that everyone with fur would be more than happy to clean my ears. For now, I think that is gross and they can clean someone else.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not always cranky… just sometimes. I also don’t always like to share toys and I think any food is always for me. I will say I’m glad the majority of fur in the home is understanding and keeps their distance. Foster Mom hopes in time I will start to enjoy spending time with the other fur kids. She is constantly giving me opportunities to be with them, so we will see.

I’m slowly opening up and showing Foster Mom that I do like to play. I also love to sit in her lap and soak in all the attention I can.