Age: 2 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $700.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Remember me? I am no other than the diva named Sugar Cookie, aka the Cookie Monster. I was adopted a few weeks back, but things didn’t work out so I packed my bags and returned to my foster home in rescue.

What am I into? Well, I do love to play. Sometimes, other dogs might find me annoying because I just want to keep playing even when they are done! Ugh… so boring, right? Anyway, I do love toys and bones to chew on so those are a requirement for my new home. I am working on my potty skills and would need a family that will have time to teach me when and where to go. I kind of get it, but just need some extra help. I wanted to thank all of our rescue friends for all my Christmas gifts! There were so many toys and treats, which are totally my favorite things!

I got to meet some people at the Lake House Bar and Grill yesterday and had the best time! Anyway, I have to run. I need to see if my foster sister Tiny Dancer will play with me again or if she is still tired of me.

Today, Miss Sugar Cookie set off with her new Mom and Dad to start living a life of luxury. When she arrives home she will have the rest of the family waiting to meet her including some grandkids that will keep her busy. The best part is that they live within walking distance so she can visit them whenever she wants.  

Foster Mom and Dad are going to miss our little Cookie Monster. That cute little face of hers wiggles her way into our hearts in the short time we fostered her. 

Congratulations on your amazing new family and life pretty girl. You deserve it. 

Cookie here on this beautiful fall day!  Well my actual name is Sugar Cookie because I am just that sweet. I know you are going to ask why am I so small? Am I a mini, a micro, or a runt? Well no, everyone knows there is no such thing as a mini or a micro bulldog. And no I was not born a runt. In my eyes I am 31.3 lbs. of bulldog perfection. I can ride comfortably in a backpack and I have been known to be carried in a Coach purse.  I love every dog that I meet. Big, little, short or tall, Sugar Cookie loves them all! So go ahead and ask what brought me here to rescue.  Well, it was a cat.  Ok, it was a kitten.  No one ever told me not to chase the kitten. No one ever said put the kitten down. All I saw was a kitten with fur and in my mind it needed carried around.  And the rest in history.  Kittens don’t need carried around by me.  My family was super upset and I felt bad so I decided to pack my overnight bag and find myself a kitten-cat free family.  I am 2 years old.  Today I am going to sit with Dr. Larsen and explain that she might need to put her cats up while I am staying with her because no matter how I try I still dream about chasing kittens.  Love Sugar Cookie!

1/14/20 Update:  It’s hard work being this cute, I tell ya. Foster Mom wants to kiss and cuddle me all the time. Foster Dad does too. It’s tiring.

I have started to get a little anxious when I go out, but we are working on that. Once I get to know you, I will love you. I am doing so good with my potty training, but still occasionally have an accident. I am getting there. I even can use a doggy door now.

Two things I require in my new home will be food and toys. I also think treats are included in the food requirement because I love everything about things I can eat!

Anyway, gotta run and play! Hope to meet you soon.