Gunner Ray

Age: 6 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $450.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Gunner Ray

Gunner Ray is my name, and bringing joy is my aim! I am 8 years old, white with some faint black spots (ticking), and I weigh a hefty 75 pounds. I have been passed around to three different families in my life. The most recent one gave me to rescue for a fresh start.

As I have gotten older, my eyesight is not as good as it used to be. Also, sudden movements startle and sometimes scare me. I think I have a little arthritis in my hips because when people push down on me it hurts and I sometimes react. The family had a toddler living with me and I was afraid I might do something by accident. She would sometimes scare me by coming out of nowhere and make by lunge. I tried not too, but it is just my way of reacting when I’m frightened.

So here is what I’m looking for. I am looking for a family with older children or just adults. If they have dogs around, that’s no real problem. But I’m not sure about cats. Interviews for the new ownership position will start soon. I am ready to spread the love with kisses and belly rubs!

4/18/18 Update:  Gunner has now trained me to play his fetch (LOL).  As soon as I touch the ball he already runs waiting for me to toss it.  Oh he is going to be my new buddy outside.

5/12/18 Update:  It’s me. Gunner, A.K.A. Gunner Bunner, as my foster pops calls me. He said I reminded him of when he wakes up in the mornings. Grumpy! Lol I do have the sourest of mugs you could ever find. I definitely have the personality to go along with it. I do have my moments when I want to be a kid and play around. It’s almost like I am a drill sergeant. Down to business 90% of the time. I have slowly opened up being in my foster home. You can usually find me chilling in my room on my bed. It’s my space and I love it. I do explore the house every now and then. Not sure if I miss my previous family or use to being by myself all day. My foster pops has allowed me to roam free at night to see if it will help my personality grow. For the most part, I have no qualms with any ladies, but I have to put any males in line. I don’t hurt or go after them. I just growl and they know who is alpha. My foster pops loves me to death and constantly wants me to open up and smile. We have fun outside because he plays catch with me. I take the ball back to him so he can throw it again. He gives me more attention than the rest because he knows, with love, I will learn to love again. Please help me find someone like him that I can call my own.

P.S. the only reason you don’t see a picture of me standing is because I look away from the camera. Picture taking is for girls…