Jane Bennett

Age: 6 Months Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $700.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

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Jane Bennett

We were recently known as just numbers…. 212 and 213. But now that we are out of the mill, we have actual names: Jane and Elizabeth Bennett.

We were named after two women in the novel, “Pride and Prejudice.” We haven’t read the book, but we hear the characters were beautiful and fabulous. We are sisters and we are scared to death. The grass under our feet is new to us, and please don’t ask us to walk on a leash. We saw a lady with a leash and we ran like lighting to hide from her. The only place we felt safe was backed up to a tree with a water hose around us.

We are 6 months old and we might act a little wild right now, but we are so excited to never have to have babies. We promise we are going to calm down soon. We have some urine burn on or stomachs and lady parts due to the extended time we had to spend sitting in our crates, but we are already with Dr. Larsen getting that fixed. We are anxious to be a part of a family – a family that will love and take care of us. They’ll need to understand that everything is new to us and we’ll need their patience as we learn.

I am Elizabeth and I have some brindle on my face. My sister is Jane and her face is white. I am a little bigger and more outgoing, while Jane is smaller and really shy. Don’t let Jane loose yet because she can run like the wind! Jane is afraid of everything right now. But we have found rescue and we are loving what we have found. Love, Elizabeth and Jane

8/10/19 Update:   I decided to not be selfish and share the cutest baby girl in the world with all of you! Her favorite things are kisses, snuggles, toys and things to chew. You can snuggle and kiss her yourself if you come to tonight’s event! She hopes the fashion runway will be lined with chews and toys.