Age: 3 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $500.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Surrendering Jax was probably one of the hardiest decisions that his owner ever had to make because Jax was so loved and adored by her always. But, sometimes things change, life takes a different turn, and what we thought would be forever, is not. Jax did nothing wrong… he loves all people and all things with fur. Jax loves car rides, watermelon and getting brushed. Jax loves to eat, take naps and short walks. Jax will fit in fine with any family and he loves, loves, loves going to the lake and going camping. Jax knows what a campfire is, and he knows he can’t swim in the lake.

Jax’s perfect family will be a family that adores a thick guy with a appetite, a family that will include him is their outings and a family that will love him for ever. Jax is 3 years old and oh, what a hunk he is!

10/15/10 Update:  Looking for a very smart HUNK of LOVE?  I’m your guy! I’m 3 years  old, I weight in at 70 lbs. I’ve only been hanging at the B & B for a week now. No accidents no marking my spot, getting along well with 2 foster sisters & a foster brother. I do not chew on anything except my toys. I’m cool in my crate but do very well with staying off the furniture.  I’m happy on a cool floor or carpet. I have had an eventful week and got to go for car rides and shopping which I love. I saw cats yesterday & didn’t  even care.  Today I got to visit with some small people and gave them lots of kisses. Foster momma says I have exceptional manners. I’m  not your jogging partner, but I will enjoy a brisk walk with you, no problem.  I enjoy throwing my toys around and fetching them for you. Don’t let my 70 lbs scare you because I am really not a big eater.  I am a ladies man looking for love, a cuddle & a little conversation. Right now I have eye medication & it feels good.

Jax Video

11/12/17 Update:  It’s been a busy 2 weeks great weather which has included outings, had a great time at the Bulloween event met some fun fur buddies and skin folks. I had a few visitors, lots of playtime, walks & of course sleep. Unfortunately, I’m still hanging in the B & B waiting for the perfect family so check me out and get that application in for me or one of my foster siblings we all want to be a part of a fur-ever family.  Apparently I am a funny guy as foster momma is always smiling at me even when she thinks I’m sleeping  I love to burn off energy and go for a walk or run circles around the giggle ball, toys, with or without my foster siblings. Car rides & cuddles are still my most favorite things besides people. I’m starting to collect a few nick names. Gentle Giant, Cuddle Bug, Hunk of Love & Big Jax. Foster momma gets a kick out of how I make my bed as I insist on rearranging my blankets & tossing my pillows.

12/3/17 Update:  Not enough words can express how sweet this boy is. Despite his size, Jax continues to prove to be the gentle giant. Jax is very obedient and wants to please. Jax has had a few visits in the past two weeks from a potential family and another planned visit coming up this week. We are taking this slow for all involved; so far, it’s been very positive. Fingers crossed for Jax. I’m pretty sure his new family is just around the corner! Jax has become more comfortable with showing us extra love and gentleness. He thinks he is a feather weight and size doesn’t matter ~ you would not notice his weight based on how gentle he approaches. He is a very happy, funny boy who loves to play, chew on his toys and socialize with the utmost gentle demeanor. He continues to bring extra smiles to our day.

12/10/17 Update:  Santa, please pick me up on your sleigh and find me my forever home. I’m dressed and can pack quickly. I’m a sturdy hunk of love that can take anything rambunctious. If you’ve got little people, I am very gentle and will be sure to love and protect them. Now, if you don’t, I’d be OK with that, as well. I’d be happy to hang with the big people and even a fur sibling. I get along well with everyone. I love taking naps and insist on taking time to fluff my pillow. I don’t eat much. I love to play and can be very independent if you’re not in the mood to play. I enjoy bath time and a brushing. Brushing my teeth is not my favorite, but I know it’s important. Oh, and I am happy to sit on your lap if you let me. I’m well behaved and don’t go on the furniture unless I’m invited. Please check out my bio on the website and learn other things about me. I will be sure to make you smile every day.