Lulu Bea

Age: 4 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $600.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Lulu Bea

I’m really happy to be here. I had my bags packed with my toys and bowl early Saturday morning. I kept my lamb baby out to ride in the car with me. I love my Lammy. She’s my favorite toy.

I came to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue because my mom recently became allergic to me. Mom and Dad were very sad they couldn’t keep me anymore, but they wanted me to have a wonderful new home.

I was a very big girl… I got right in the car (with Lammy) and said my goodbyes. When we drove off, I saw Mom crying, but I think they were happy tears because she knew I was going to have a wonderful new life.

The first thing I did was eat something called donut holes. The lady that I was riding with picked up two bags: one for her and one for me. We ate them all the way to Dr. Larsen’s office.  When we got there, the vet tech, Heather, weighed me and then we went outside to take pictures. I then met Dr. Larsen and she hugged and kissed me. She said I was a beautiful girl and they were going to take good care of me.

Lammy and I are going to enjoy all this hugging, kissing, cozy beds and food they’re giving out around here. Next week, I get to pose for my Christmas pictures. That’s going to be so much FUN!

Lammy and I like it here and we are ready to see what the future brings! Very nice to meet all of you. We’ll talk again real soon!

12/18/19 Update:  Lulu Bea just arrived at her foster home. Lulu might just be the tiniest Bulldog foster mom has ever seen. At 26 pounds, Lulu is about the size of a large Frenchie. Foster mom is feeding her an extra midday meal so Lulu can fill out a bit more.

Make no mistake, in spite of her size, Lulu would love to be the alpha female. She must have had to compete for food because this girl loves food and snacks and wants to be first in line in the kitchen. She likes other dogs, but does try to be dominant. Her two fur siblings either walk away or correct her when they are tired of being bothered. Lulu appears to like children too. It appears she may have been punished harshly in her prior life because she does cower down. Lulu’s worst enemy is the electric toothbrush. The sound must remind her of something unpleasant as she barks and growls at it.

More to come as Lulu gets ready for her first real Christmas.

12/21/19 Update:  Lulu Bea is settling into her foster home. She loves a cozy warm bed, food and snacks. Lulu is also getting into the Christmas spirit. This will be her first real Christmas and she is going to love it. Foster Mom is feeding her several meals a day so she can put on some much needed weight. Lulu also had her first bath in her foster home and her fur is glistening. She is gaining confidence, for sure.

12/31/19 Update:  Lulu had her first Christmas in her foster home and she was the first fur kid to run to the tree on Christmas morning. She grabbed the biggest and best snake toy and took it to her bed.

Lulu is settling in and loves humans, big and small. She has some fears of loud noises and still cowers a bit when approached. She loves nothing more than sitting by the fire in her little bed.

Lulu is very small, at less than 30 pounds. She is eating 4-5 small meals a day, in hopes of gaining weight and overcoming some gagging issues. Lulu most likely did not have a good steady diet in her previous life.

Lulu is such a good girl. Working with her to allow her be the best she can be, is a joy.

1/9/20 Update:Lulu Bea took advantage of the nice weather today. She was a bit concerned about getting back in her house, but made progress on a leash.

1/15/20 Update:  Lulu Bea likes hanging out with the fur siblings in her foster home. They all seem to want the same Benebone, even though there are plenty of Benebones to go around. Lulu has enjoyed having toys of her very own.

Lulu needs several small meals throughout the day. She needs to gain weight and small frequent meals during the day, work much better for her.

Lulu loves people, but she is frightened by sudden, loud noises. She also does not like things she has never been around, such as small appliances that make unfamiliar sounds.

Another fear is the dreaded step stool. When foster mom gets the step stool out, Lulu barks and barks. Hopefully, she will become accustomed to those things she has never encountered before.

2/20/20 Update:  Lulu Bea is starting to feel much more comfortable and safe in her foster home. She’s still has some fear of things and sounds that are new to her, but we’ll continue working on that.

Lulu loves her 80 pound fur sister, but the 40 pound fur sister likes to show Lulu who’s boss. Lulu is only 30 pounds, so both fur sisters could get the best of her! 😁

Humans who feed her are Lulu’s favorite people. She gets along with everyone, but small children can make her a little nervous. A calm home would be best for her.

Lulu is completely potty trained and runs out first thing in the morning and then back in as fast as she can. She doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the outdoors and always wants to be back in the house. She loves to be with her people!

We are still perfecting Lulu’s feeding plan. Her gag issues require her to eat several meals a day (softened kibble with a bit of canned to make a mushy paste) in small increments, so she would do best in a home that can accommodate her schedule. Lulu drinks water fine and snacks throughout the day on Royal Canin Bulldog puppy kibble. The special shape of this kibble makes it easier for her to swallow. She just deserves the best life we can give her!

3/3/20 Update:  Lulu Bea enjoyed some sun by the pool this weekend, along with her favorite fur friend. Lulu loves outdoor time when the weather is just right, but she prefers to be accompanied by her human at all times.

Lulu is still working on her eating. Grinding her kibble and making a soft mush seems to be agreeing with her most days. She enjoys spending time in the kitchen to see what is going on and what’s cooking. Lulu is feeling safe and loved and that is all she asks.

3/17/20 Update:   Foster girl Lulu Bea was disappointed in the lack of St. Paddy’s Day activities this year, so she decided to keep the shenanigans going at home through the week.

3/25/20 Update:  Lulu Bea has tried to social distance, but she loves her fur sister. Lulu does her business outside, doesn’t mind her crate and knows what “no” means. However, Lulu is still skittish and afraid of certain noises. She has learned that when the front door is opened, there is no need to get anxious and bark. She does still run to the front door when she hears the Ring doorbell. Also, Lulu will bark and jump up when she sees someone carrying something she is not familiar with, more so if it’s a man.

Having mild megaesophagus, Lulu Bea must eat several meals a day. She drinks water with no problem. Her current diet of small meatballs has worked well. The meatballs consist of ground kibble (I use a Vitamix), a small amount of canned food, pumpkin and coconut oil. I use hot water to make a dough texture, then the balls are frozen, similar to cookie dough balls. I take out 12-15 for each meal and she eats a few at a time. Because the meatballs are still firm and and not completely thawed, they go right down.

Lulu Bea would do best in a home where her people are there during the day. She doesn’t mind her crate at night and when we run errands, but she much prefers to be with her people and have the run of the house. She likes children, but small children and quick movements scare her. Lulu Bea deserves to live the best life in spite of her special needs.