Lulu Leeann

Age: 10 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Lulu Leeann

Who could not love this face? Well, actually no one seemed to.  LuLu has been a social media star trying to find a rescue that would take her. All Lulu heard was a bunch of “No, we are full.”  “No, she is toooo old.”  “No she is blind in one.”  “No, she is just plain ugly.”  Even Lulu’s family who lost her said, “No we do not want her back, put her to sleep.” Lulu wondered what other than getting old had she ever done to make no one want to help her? It’s true she smells bad, fleas have ate her back up and she is so thin from not having food, but her life does matter.  Lulu has a lot of life left.  Lulu can run still,  play with a ball, get cleaned up and grow some new fur. Lulu traveled all day and into the night to find a rescue that would help her.  Lulu rode in a Lincoln Navigator, in the front seat, to start her life here.  And Lulu never looked back.

6/24/18 Update:  Hi fans of Bullie Nation. I needed a miracle after being discarded by my previous family.  What a blessing I found as LSBCR wrapped me, senior Miss Lulu Leeann, in their loving arms.  Thank you, my Rescue peeps.  I am forever grateful.

My vet says that I need to gain a pound or two; yea, that means more food!  To help us bond, foster mom and dad hand fed me a farm and ranch appetizer of sliced grilled tenderloin and home roasted chicken. My vet also speculated that because I was neglected, it might take me a while to warm up to humans again and that my foster family would evaluate me.

Perhaps I have some Boxer or other close breed in my lineage.  Maybe I am a designer Bullie.  Whatever, I am the epitome of spirit and a full time lover.  I am spry as a puppy, even jumping into the Bulldog Limousine in a single bound.  I am ready!  A senior Bullie with vigor and energy has an appeal for everyone.  So what are you waiting for?

7/28/18 Update:  Hey all y’all, Miss Lulu Leeann reporting. I have been living large at my foster family’s address for about a month. I have settled in and life is good. My diet includes extra food (yea!) so I can gain a few pounds and I am receiving two spa days per week to treat my alopecia with medicated shampoo. Guess what? The hair on my bootay has grown back. I want to share my alopecia shampoo with foster dad so his hair can grow back, but the groomers refuse to give him a bath. Well, at least my heart is in the right place.

I met up with my vet at Merlin’s birthday party. Dr. Larsen was thrilled at the progress I had made. When I left the clinic, I was in shut down mode, listless and uninterested. My spirit was dragging and I had no appetite. Well, a lot has changed since then. I was hand fed for a few days and my appetite returned. I do not tolerate red meat, but I wolf down poultry. My weight is up and my muscle tone has returned. I am happy to be in rescue and with my foster parents. My spirit is high, I am in good health, and living large is my style, When I first moved in, I was a bit moody but that too has disappeared as your love encourages mine.