Age: 9 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Please welcome Mabel to our rescue family. She writes: I once was found wondering the street and I was taken in by a rescue group. A nice family adopted me, but after a few years and a lot of changes, I find myself back with a rescue group.

I’m looking for a furever home where I can just chill and enjoy a stress-free life for the years I have left. I am a beautiful, chunky brindle gal. I am 9 years old, but that is only part of the story. I have plenty of life to live and love to give. After these photos were taken, I went to the vet’s office and received a mani-pedi. It was so nice!

I’m going to enjoy a little spoiling here and then I will be ready to come and live with you forever. So get that application filled out so you will be ready when I am. Maybe you’ll be matched to me!

6/14/18 Update:  Vet update on foster girl Mabel: Mabel has hookworms and X-rays show her heart is enlarged, with no apparent murmur. The trachea is pushed up by the size of the heart. There’s also a dense area near the colon/kidney area. She is such a thick girl, it’s challenging to get a good film. We’ll try again for a better shot, but we may need to get an ultrasound of the abdomen and the heart. Keep her in your thoughts!

8/12/18 Update:  This bundle of sweetness is 9 years old and a total doll! She was a little on the “fluffy” side when she arrived and wanted to slim down a bit before she took pics (can’t blame her a bit!). She has been “exercising” daily and dieting and the results are starting to show! She may not be the fastest walker or the longest walker, but it’s her spirit that counts. She is getting it done one step at a time! Mabel is a daddy’s girl and always wants to be next to foster dad, but because that personal space area is getting really crowded, we sometimes have a few sharing “issues” with foster brother Kingman, so Mabel has decided she does not like him! She is great with all our dogs and the cat. Mabel prefers to spend her day in our bedroom lounging in her crate or bed and her evenings next to foster dad. She is a floor dog, not a couch dog, so that works out nicely with Kingman! She loves a good tummy rub, lots of kisses and special attention, which we are happy to give. Mabel is a happy girl that wiggles and prances her way into your heart and is simply looking for a daddy of her own that she does not have to share.

9/25/18 Update:  Mabel is now the Queen of the World! She lost 5 lbs, got her mammary tumor removed and a little dental work done, and now she is feeling fabulous and ready to look for her forever home (which is anywhere foster boy Kingman does not visit! LOL!

11/21/18 Update:  Miss Mabel found the perfect place for a nap on a chilly, fall day! She may be 9, but she has spunk and personality to spare. She loves her humans and most of her housemates (not Kingman!) and gives the best “side eye” we have seen yet! She will make you laugh out loud! She loves going outside to hang out, car rides and belly rubs. Her idea of a perfect time is sitting beside you on the couch and cuddling. She is a happy and sweet girl who dreams of finding her perfect home.