Maxwell has been adopted! From his foster momma: Max, our little wild child, is officially off the market! He found his FURever family today and he wants everyone to do the booty wiggle dance with him to celebrate!

Max gained the most precious mom, dad, 2 skin brothers and the cutest Bulldog sister named Chloe. When Max and Chloe met, it was like love at first site! They would play for a bit and then Max would want to go love on his skin brothers and Chloe would make the slightest little moan and Max would come right back to her! It was like she didn’t want her new fur brother to get too far away! He packed his bag, grabbed his adoption day present threw the deuces to Foster Ma and Pops and then wiggled all the way to the truck. He couldn’t wait to get HOME to Austin! We will miss you, Max! Thank you for always making us laugh while you were here and don’t worry, you will never go without again, buddy! Happily FURever After, Stud!

Please welcome Maxwell to our family! At 20 months old, Maxwell packed his bag, bowls, bones, toys, shampoo, brushes and bag of dog food and hit the road. He’s now looking for a family that wants a beautiful, friendly, loving Bulldog who likes to take long walks and play ball, and in general, has time for him. Maxwell loves everyone and everyone loves him. His original family thought he was too happy, too friendly and had too much energy for their lifestyle. They realized Maxwell needed a family that wants an active Bulldog who can throw a ball in the air and catch it. Maxwell is about 60 lbs of pure muscle and is simply amazing!

4/22/18 Update:  What up to all the Bulldog lovers out there! 🐶 For those I haven’t met, the name is Maxwell and you can call me Max for short. Foster Ma sometimes calls me Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaax. I’m not sure why she says it for that long, but hey, whatever works 😉 Life is pretty good here at my foster crib. The food is great, treats are endless and I get lots of play time, which is my favorite. 🏈 I am a happy-go-lucky dude, never met a stranger and make friends with everyone.

I think Foster Ma is pretty fond of me because she never leaves my side. She tells me I’m still a youngin’ and have things to learn so she’s helping me. If you ask me, I think she just can’t get enough of all my cuteness, but don’t tell my foster bro that. It’s time for my walk, so I will holler atcha later.