Molly B

Age: 3 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $500.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Molly B

Hey, hey you, come a little closer.  I have a secret—and it is a big secret!  Can you hear me?  Your not close enough.  There, that’s better.   My name is Molly, Molly B. and my secret is my real sister Mia is with you guys and she is loving her new life.  Mia sent me a text that said  “Molly B. pack your suitcase, your baby making days are over and you are going to get up in the king size bed with me and we are going to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner!”  Well, that’s all it took for me to get my suitcase because I LOVE cookies and cream ice cream.  I arrived Sunday afternoon and already I have eaten ice cream. Yep, not fat free, sugar free, not ice milk, not gelato, not sherbet, not Sorbet. I ate the real deal! Whole milk ice cream because this Molly B. is not lactose intolerant and I am not on a DIET!  Today I am going to see Mia and I am taking a tub of ice cream . We are going to hug,  and roll and tumble and eat ice cream.  If you’re the kind of family that eats the real ice cream, not the other stuff, send in a application for me. Just say on the application that you would like to adopt one of the sisters, Molly B. the pretty one! Or, the ice cream eating one!  I have already been spayed, and just need a microchip and a few vaccinations!

8/31/17 Update:  Hi it’s Molly B.,  Wow the vacation just doesn’t end.  After, all that ice cream I encountered last check in it gets better.  I am in my new foster home and it was spa day!  Holy cow it’s so nice to get the royal treatment!  The excitement is written all over my face.  I love love love not being in a mill anymore.  My new foster family is amazing.  They told me about this Facebook update thing.  So here it goes.  If you are looking for an energetic girl that will want all your attention look no further.  I always have a happy go lucky attitude.  Learning the outside bathroom breaks and walking on the leash thing.  Never knew what freedom was like, but I can get use to it fur sure.  Please put in an application because I hear those meet and greets are so fun.

9/12/17 Update:  Hello it’s Molly B. I have been on the move lately.  It’s so nice to explore everything around the house.  I have found my spot and my foster pops is ok with it.  I have camped out in the Master bathroom.  Haha I am a smart cookie I tell you.  I know this way I always get to see my foster parents.  Plus, be apart of the getting ready for work extravaganza!  I get attention and belly rubs everyday 🙂  I have taken Gracie under my paw and we play when no one is looking.  There is a play room we get to wrestle around in as much as we want.  My foster pop laughs at me because my tongue is always hanging out my mouth.  I think you should have the time of your life and live for the moment.  Put in that application; so I can melt your heart and get some extra belly rubs!!! 😉