Pearl Jam

Age: 6 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $450.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Pearl Jam

In the world of beautiful pearls, I am perfection! I am 6 years old and I weigh 40 lbs.

I had a family, but my family became a blended family. With the union, there were a total of 6 dogs and I decided that, being really small, I might need a home with less fur members.

So, I packed my bags and hitched a ride to rescue. I need to find a family that needs a small lady with a huge heart. I hope to find a family with a big couch because I love to sleep in laps on the couch!

I will be headed to the ladies’ laps at Dr. Larsen’s for a once over, then I will be off to the store to buy some Valentine’s Day clothes for a photo shoot. I soon will be looking for my perfect love connection and my happily ever after!

1/29/19 Update:  Foster girl Pearl Jam has passed the kid test. They are just about her size and she loves them!

2/4/19 Update:  Foster girl Pearl Jam is settling in nicely in her foster home. She had her bath today and was ready to prance around the neighborhood. Pearl walks great on a leash and is always ready for a short outing. She loves kids and gets along with the other fur kids. Pearl is on the small side but loves her food. Her favorite activity is relaxing with her humans. She loves a bed and a couch. Most of all Pearl loves her humans. She looks for approval and aims to please. Pearl is such a pleasure to foster.

2/15/19 Update:  Pearl has made herself quite comfortable in her foster home. Her favorite activity? Napping, of course. Pearl also loves some attention from humans close to her size.

2/27/19 Update:   Foster girl Pearl Jam did some modeling this week and made the most of the warmer sundhine. Pearl is a sweet laid-back girl who enjoys her time in the sun and her naps, too. Pearl is a girl who loves her routine of dining, sunning and napping.

3/6/19 Update:  Foster girl Pearl Jam loves her couch time but she will be glad when the weather is warmer so she can resume her walks.  Pearl is not a high energy girl but she loves a short walk.  Couch time is still her favorite pastime.

3/25/19 Update:  Foster girl Pearl Jam is having an ear procedure done today. Please keep her in your thoughts. Pearl’s foster family is ready for her to help with some spring planting. Pearl loves sitting in the sun and supervising the gardening.

4/12/19 Update: Pearl is glad to be back in her foster home after a stay at the vet clinic for treatment on her ears. Pearl’s ears were terribly infected and entirely closed up as a result of never having her ears cleaned. Pearl will continue treatment in the coming weeks in hopes of opening up her ear canals. If this treatment is unsuccessful, Pearl will have surgery that will leave her deaf. We are not sure just how much Pearl can hear now, but she does not miss a beat. Our other Bulldogs never listened to us anyway. 😁

Pearl is just about perfect… a tiny girl that even foster mom can pick up and carry around. Pearl knows when it is mealtime and she is always ready. She is a polite eater and very ladylike… no messes from her! Pearl has her routine down… belly rubs before getting out of bed (Pearl loves her sleep and is a slow riser), outside to take care of business, breakfast, outside to finish up business, then on to her throne, the couch. Pearl could stay on the couch all day. She is not much interested in toys and the other fur kid in the house, but she adores skin kids. In spite of her ear/hearing issues, Pearl is just a perfect tiny girl Bulldog.