Age: 2 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $650.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog



Please welcome Pilgrim to our rescue family! Pilgrim’s owners moved away, but they “forgot” to take Pilgrim with them. He, along with some other dogs, were left abandoned in the backyard. When the homeowner came to inspect the rental, there was Pilgrim. He and his friends were pacing around the yard…. thirsty, hungry, hot and covered in flies. It was evident that no one was coming back to help the dogs.

Then, Pilgrim’s luck changed. The homeowner found a great family that had always wanted a Bulldog! Pilgrim’s new family bathed and fed him, and told him he was beautiful. But this morning, they found Pilgrim laying in a pool of blood. Pilgrim’s new family rushed him to the emergency vet and learned he had a urethral prolapse and is extremely anemic. When the family discovered how much the vet bill was going to be, they were quite surprised… they didn’t expect it to be the cost of a car. Pilgrim’s new family realized they were in over their heads and contacted our rescue group to help him. Pilgrim is young, underweight and acts like he just feels bad. But better days are ahead of him now, thanks to our vet care and the love of a temporary family that knew his life was worth saving!

6/6/18 Update:  We found out today that Pilgrim is heartworm positive and will have to undergo treatment. He also has hookworms and tapeworms.

8/6/18 Update:  If I look mad, it’s because I am. Yesterday was pool day for everyone except me. I had to just watch everyone swim from the window. You see, I had my heartworm treatments and now I am on 30 days of crate rest. Not only was my hair shaved, the treatments hurt. I don’t think it was fair that I ended up with heartworms. If someone would have thought enough to give me a $10 monthly pill to protect me, I would not have to go through these treatments. I’m left paying the price.

But that’s OK. I’ll get through this. In 30 days, I will be ready for my new family, one that is happy to have me and happy to help me stay healthy so I can swim on pool day. I pick and choose the dogs I like, so I’ll do best in a home without other dogs. I am a really small fella, so if small is your size, maybe you and I can be matched. Help me turn this frown upside down!