Age: 6 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $450.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


I am one fabulous lady, if I do say so myself. No sad stories for me. I had a great family, I had lots of love and if you can tell by my photos, I had plenty to eat! I am a huge fan of meal time, snack time and I love couch time, too.

I am almost 6 years old and about 50 lbs. Everyone I meet, I absolutely love. Big, little, short or tall… I love them all.

I am heading over to sit in Dr. Larsen’s lap so she can see how beautiful I am. She is going to love me to pieces!

I have some minor surgeries ahead. One might be a bigger one with Dr. Lay because I have a hard time breathing when I get excited. And every time I see people, I get so excited! And when I get to go in the car, I can hardly catch my breath.

So, watch me as I make my health journey through rescue, and then get adopted by a forever family I can call my own!

4/9/19 Update:  Foster girl Quinn is as sweet as they come and is wider than she is tall! Yes, she could use some time with Weight Watchers. The bigger problem is her breathing, and that is partly due to her weight. She’ll definitely be a candidate for palate resection surgery.