Age: 10 Months Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $700.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Yes, I’m checking back into rescue. Foster Mom and Dad picked me up last week from my adoptive Dad. It was a sad parting, as I was really getting used to the snuggles, love and care from my adoptive family. But as I found out, part of being a family is to get along with everyone. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t stop picking on my new fur sister and she is older and smaller than me. So It was decided it was best for me to return to rescue and work on my manners.

Radley checking in….I have been adopted and living at my forever home for 2 weeks now, and I am doing great.  I moved to Austin and my new family consists of all girls and dad.  I have 3 human sisters, and 2 fur sisters, Sophie the pug-bullie and Phoebe the rabbit.  My mom is working with me on my jumping manners, getting used to stairs and letting her know when I need to go out.    I get to snuggle on the couch and I am learning how to “ring the bells” when I need to go out. Mom even said she would like me to become a “therapy dog”, since I love to snuggle and love people.  I want to thank the Rescue for saving me, Dr Larsen & the Clinic for taking care of my medical issues and my foster family for loving me.

Hello Everybully,  My name is Radley and Saturday was the start of a new life for me. I am 6 months old and I joined rescue after my mom called to ask for some help for me.  You see… I have already had 3 surgeries on my eye and my mom noticed that I now have a “hole” in the center of my eye. My mom knew that I would need more special help, so she called rescue.

I was picked up and whisked off to the Bullie Clinic to see Dr. Larsen. I had heard that she is wonderful and that everyone at the clinic will give me lots of hugs and kisses. Dr. Larsen checked out my eye and immediately went to work. One minute I was awake, and then I woke up and my eye was closed. Doc told me she had to “sew it shut”  in order to let it heal.  Just going to tell you, I am so glad I was asleep!  Doc is hopeful that it will heal and I will be able to see again.

As you can see I am pretty cute and I am a puppy, but I am a little scared. I can’t wait to start feeling better and be able to run around and play. I am going to hang out at the clinic for awhile, so I bet there will be a lot of spa days in my future. Hugs, Radley

9/30/19 Update:  I had fun at the last two events and I got to meet a lot of Bulldog people that gave me hugs and pets! I like that. I am settled into my foster home and I even get to share resident Brock’s spot on the couch.

Foster Mom is trying to keep me from jumping the gates in the house, but I just love to be where the action is… I am now having to stay in a crate when everyone leaves for work and to sleep. I don’t mind and I bark when I need to go outside. I get along with all the Bulldogs in the house and I almost have the Scottie convinced that she loves me too.

See everybully at the next event!  Love,  Radley

10/22/19 Update:  Hi all – I have been having a great time at the foster pad playing, eating, jumping, sleeping and playing some more!  I am on a mission to wear out all the bullies in the house!  Dusty is my best buddy and we always play and snuggle.  He is my big brother bullie.  I had fun at Bulloween. I got to ride on a wagon with Auntie Christi.  We made Auntie Dianne pull us around and I kept going for walks to make sure everyone was working. I also checked on foster mom & dad, because I just knew they needed hugs & kisses from me! I love to give hugs & kisses.

Now about the jumping—I have managed to hurdle the gates in the house and I am currently training to jump over the half-door in the kitchen. I train by jumping up when foster mom is making our food.  I jumped up one day and somehow a bowl of food followed me.  Well I felt I had to clean every nugget off that floor!  Scottie helped by eating some. I am a growing puppy so an extra bowl of food is no big deal.

If you need some extra helping cooking or a taste-tester, I am your pup. So far I have not found anything I don’t like.

Check out my pics of my “impression” of a Frenchie.  XOXO —Radley

11/20/19 Update:   Finally, the weather is bright and sunny and I can go outside for longer than 5 minutes! I am still being a “puppy” at my foster home and playing non-stop with Dusty and Marco. Eat, sleep, play, repeat… is my daily agenda. I am still waiting for my forever family to find me. I know they are out there and I can’t wait to meet them.

1/9/20 Update:  Radley is quite the snuggler and loves to be picked up & hugged.  Foster bro Marco is having his “stairs” upgraded and Radley & Dusty think they are pretty perfect for sitting and playing on!