Age: 3 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $600.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Sometime you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. That has been my story all my life. I was an outside fella that wanted to be an inside fella. And one day I was taken to a shelter.  That was great as they took care of my medical needs and I was inside.

Then I was adopted by the sweetest family with 5 1/2 kids. Yep, 5 kids and 1 on the way. And we lived in an apartment. Well apartment living was not the life for me. You see these legs are for walking. And before long I was not so happy. The kids where great, they played with me and hugged me and they read books to me. I wanted to be outside on the walking trail or on the bike trail meeting new people. Try as they did, inside the apartment living was just not a good fit for me.  

Well, I packed my backpack and gathered my toys and my bag of food and I joined rescue. This time I know rescue is going to find the perfect family for me. My prefect family will be active, love bulldogs, love to take walks, and let me be a part of the family.  I want an inside life with access to the back yard. I want a big soft bed and an endless supply of treats. I want to be hugged and told I am beautiful and most of all I want a family that wants me. My name is Ryder and I am 3.