Age: 6 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $400.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue was contacted by a friend who had a friend in bad physical shape. She needed to rehome her two Bulldogs. The woman has to have her fifth back surgery this month and she could no longer take proper care of her two Bulldogs. The owner is a delightful woman who absolutely adores these dogs. They are her family, and this decision was extremely hard for her to make. But ultimately, she knew she was no longer in a position to give them the care they need and deserve. There have been tears shared over the phone and hugs and tears shared in person during this difficult surrender.

Sassy is 6 years old and weighs 46 pounds. She will need to be spayed, be treated for a UTI and have a mass removed. Gunner is 5 years old and weighs 48 pounds. He needs to be neutered and continue taking phenobarbital twice, a day for seizures. Thankfully, he has been seizure-free for years. Sassy and Gunner have never met a stranger and love all things with fur. They are potty trained also. We would like them to be adopted together because they have always been together. After watching them for just a bit, it is easy to see how bonded they are.

1/29/17 Update:  We have had a relaxing week. Sassy went to get her stitches out last week and Dr. W said she looked amazing. We finally got to take a bath this morning. Getting rubbed and scrubbed is our thing. It is taking us a little while to get used to all my new foster brothers and sisters. We like our space, but this house I’m in has awesome media chairs. Most of the time we get our own chairs. Doing better on not having any accidents in our crates. Cuddle time is great! Exploring this new home is fun and the treats aren’t too bad. LOL Just kidding… they taste delicious! Had our first photo shoot with my foster pops. Tell me what you think. Please fill out an application if you want to adopt or provide a foster home for others like us.

2/10/17 Update:  I am a laid back kind of girl, but do have my moments where I need to show my dominance. Being in a household with so many others is exhausting. I have to break up play battles and be momma hen. Trying to get quite time is what I long for. I definitely would like a family that can adopt my brother Gunner, along with me. We have enjoyed our foster home very much. Hope to meet you soon.


3/3/17 Update:  I am doing good thanks for asking.  I am a laid back kind of girl who loves attention.  You won’t complain about me because I have excellent manners.  I love to venture outside every now and then.  Taking it easy with plenty of naps is my idea of heaven.  I try to be as social as possible, but it’s a little exhausting.  If you let me beside or on your lap I will be ecstatic.  Love to meet you one day and my brother Gunner is amazing.  We are like peanut butter and Jelly.  Not saying whom is Jelly, but if I can get some peanut butter that would be awesome!  If you would like twice the amount of joy please give us a furever home.

3/20/17 Update:  Sassy checking in: I am an elegant addition for any couch. I am fully house friendly. No accidents or chewing for me. I have a beautiful, soft, short hair coat. My brother Gunner and I are still searching for that lucky family. Being the older sister I look out for my younger brother. He tries to show off sometimes, but he knows whom the boss really is. I have enjoyed my time roaming around in my foster home during the day. I always get excited to see hoomans and love getting petted. They have this brush that I can’t get enough of. Feels so good getting my undercoat taken care of. Please share our story.

3/26/17 Update:  It’s me Sassy, I have opened up this week so much.  For some reason I am an attention seeker.  Falling in love with getting my back and sides rubbed.  Being so good, I now have full range of the home with my foster sister Shelby.  Gunner and I are still searching for that special family.  Following around my foster pops is keeping me slim.  Definitely getting my steps in this week.  Well I’m off to watch some tv and enjoy the outdoor weather.

4/16/17 Update:  Hi, everyone. Sassy here. I’m a sweet natured gal looking for a home with my foster brother Gunner. I have a wide stance and soft coat. Seeing my sour mug will melt your heart. I would love to be brought into a home where I can be adored. If you a seeking a pair of Bulldogs that will brighten up your life on a daily basis, we are it. I love going outside to stretch my legs and explore. Luckily, my brother and I don’t bark at weird things outdoors. Hopefully, you can also take me for walks with him.

5/1/17 Update:  My sweet Sassy, it has been a joy since you have entered my life. That sour, yet beautiful, face has captured my heart. I now know that Sassy is the perfect name for you. You’re definitely the most head-strong Bulldog I have come across. I love that you yearn to go on walks and be daddy’s little girl, following me everywhere and just giving me that stare. I look forward to coming home to you everyday so I can see how excited you act. The color of your coat is so unique and your wide wishbone stance is gorgeous. I hope a family will find you and Gunner irresistible as I do.