Savannah has been adopted! Caren LOVES Savannah so much already!  Savannah and her other bulldog sister were napping together in the sun room on the couch.  (We told Caren that Savannah slept in a kennel and that she still had accidents in the house.  Caren chose to let Savannah roam the house during the night and she woke to poo and pee as she said, “all over the house.”  I did not reply with, “I told you!”  She said it was OK because she loved her so much already!!!  Made me happy!!)

Please welcome Savannah to Rescue. She is one of the Six Pack and is now at our vet for evaluation and treatment. Check back for more details.

8/14/17 Update:  We have had Savanah in our home for a few weeks, and she has so many characteristics of a bulldog that has been used for breeding.  If there is a dog bed, blanket, or anything in the floor she is going to pee on it before she lays on it.  She doesn’t mind pooping in the house and she’s so happy when she can be right next to you when you clean it up.  Needless to say we are working on getting her house trained.  All dog beds have been removed from the floor while Savanah is here.  Savanah gets along great with all of the other Bulldogs in the house and she enjoys being around them.  She prefers people, though and while all other bullies are snoring away Savanah is going to be wherever the people are.  She is curious about everything we are doing.  She does not like a hair blow dryer or the vacuum cleaner.  She will bark and howl at them until you reassure her that she’s alright.  Savanah does have limited vision but that does not inhibit her in any way.  She will follow a voice and comes when called.  Hope she can teach that to a few other bullies around here!!  Savanah is sweet and wants to be loved.  She will make a great addition to any home without small kids.  With her limited vision she could run over a little one.  She’s a smart girl as she has already learned the routine of the house and knows her own kennel.  She will learn that outside is for her business soon!

9/9/17 Update:  What a difference three weeks makes!!  Savannah came to us from living a life of birthing puppies. She was sweet as could be from day one and gets along great with all of the other fur kids in the home. This week Savannah went to the door to be let out to potty!!  We haven’t had an accident in the house in over ten days!!  Our stock in bounty is decreasing as Savannah has learned that going outside to potty is not that big of a deal except to her foster mom, and Savanah got a double dose of sweetness versus any of the usual bulldog stubbornness.  She gets so excited when she’s given attention.  She loves dinner time, and even stopped peeing on door mats!!! Savannah has some dry eye issues and we are working on her skin issues both issues are not a big deal as Savannah doesn’t mind getting a bath and eye drops are super tolerable because Savannah loves any attention.  Sweetest girl will be chilling out with her foster family until her forever family comes along to make her life grand!!!

9/28/17 Update:  Savannah loves everybody and all the fur siblings in our home.  We are working on her going outside to take care of her business and some days are more successful with that than others but when you’ve spent your life just taking care of business wherever it’s hard to learn new rules. Savannah does have dry eyes and some skin issues that we are working on, but those are small matters compared to the joy this sweet girl brings everywhere she goes.  She isn’t a young pup anymore, but you wouldn’t know that by her exuberant butt wiggles and sheer excitement when she is getting attention!!  She wants to please so badly!!  Any home without small children would be lucky to have this girl!!  (In her exuberance small children may end up getting run over because she doesn’t realize she’s not petite.)