Age: 5 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $600.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Please welcome Scrunchie and Lucy May to our rescue family. Scrunchie writes: I am the smaller, brown brindle one with the purple leash. (And, shhh…. I’ll say the “smarter” one!) That other one, with the half white face and tan leash, is my sister Lucy May. Lucy May is a little more outgoing than me. I am more reserved. She is 4 and I am 5, and we’ve always been together. She walks fast and I walk slow. We’ve always shared the same bed and most times, the same crate. Do we want to be adopted together? Of course we do. But can we go to separate homes? Sure, if needed.

Our family went through some changes. They went their separate ways and that left us looking for another family to call our own. We love everyone and everything. We have gone to the dog park many times and never caused any problems with anyone. We love small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. Once, a jumbo dog ran over us, so we try to stay out of the area at the dog park with the jumbo dogs.

We both need vaccinations and Lucy May still needs to be spayed. We are already at Dr. Larsen’s office, thanks to Uber, so our lap sitting, fur brushing and beauty regimens are all underway. We are glad to be among Bulldog-loving people. If you have a spot for two Bulldogs, we hope you can be matched to us. We promise that you won’t be sorry you adopted us both. We are double the pleasure, double the fun.

8/17/19 Update:  This was my first week/weekend at my foster home and I’m settling in and learning their routine. I’ve learned to stand near the back door if I want to go potty, and I’m working on learning “inside” when it’s time to come back inside.

I loooovve sun bathing. I really love rolling around in the grass on my back. I get excited and grunt and bark, and oh, it just feels so good!

My foster parents have another dog, who seems nice. He’s trying to teach me how to “play.” I’m just not sure how to do it yet. I sure do like watching him run around.

My foster parents also have “Cat.” He tried stealing some food out of my kennel on the first night I was here… how rude! Mostly that just scared me. “Cat” seems to be giving me space, but I noticed “Cat” checking on me when he thinks my foster parents aren’t looking. That’s very sweet of him.

My foster parents are nice and pick me up to put me on the couch when I sit at their feet and look up real sweet at them. They have a bigger couch upstairs that I love, but I’m not ready for the stairs so they carry me up and down them, too. I’m getting used to being picked up, as long as they stay away from my sensitive tail area (due to it being removed). However, I’ve tried a couple times to get on the couch by myself, and I think I’ll keep trying because couch sitting is almost as nice as sunbathing.

8/26/19 Update:  Hey there, Scrunchie here, dishing about my 3rd week at my fosters. They FINALLY took me out for a ride in their wagon! Walking, now that’s for those “sport” dogs. Pick me up, put me in a wagon, and I’ll be a happy lady for as long as you can push me! #ridelikethewind

My fosters have been holding out on something else; it’s called a fridge. “Cat” showed me the fridge while foster mom was putting away groceries. All that food looked and smelled so good. I’m still on my diet, nothing but kibble and veggies, but a girl can dream. #loseweighttoeatcake

I’m still getting my feet soaked daily, but I’ve been able to move around the house more. I even found a beanbag chair and helped myself to getting in it!! Foster dad was so proud he brought the beanbag downstairs for me to sleep in that night!

That’s it for this week, hopefully this weather becomes more bulldog friendly soon, so I can be out and about in my wagon….psst I heard my fosters talking about taking ME to soccer games! #soccermomscrunchie

9/10/19 Update:   It’s Scrunchie, ready to tell y’all about my week. My fosters thought I needed a trip to the vet this week. I was really nervous all the way there, and tbh, I was nervous inside the vet too. Foster dad held me the whole time, and I didn’t mind a bit. I’m not too fond of those ladies who like to poke and prod at me. I was mostly good. You wouldn’t be too happy if someone removed a cyst from your eye lid. The doc said she was impressed with my weight loss, so I let her look at my paws. They’re still swollen, but better. I was relieved when foster dad carried me back into the truck for the ride home, I even got a peanut butter cookie!

Doc said I still need my foot soaks. Foster mom thinks it cute when I try to run from her. Once I’m in the bathtub I accept my fate; plus foster mom sits with me and scratches my neck, so the other pets actually get jealous. Afterwards we have some snuggle time as she dries me off, so really I don’t mind at all. I usually show her my Scrunchie Roll in appreciation.

After all that vet stuff, I really needed to stop and smell the roses…and fire hydrants, and anything my fosters pull my wagon up to outside. I heard about this Bulldog Bonanza at the Lazy Dog, that sounds just like my kind of Saturday. Hope to meet y’all there!

9/17/19 Update:  Going to our rescue event at The Lazy Dog in Addison the other day was a hoot. Foster Mom was so worried about how much I was going to walk on that patio. Did I show her or what!? I know you saw me strutting my stuff. #liketherunway I greeted everyone on that patio. I even asked a couple handsome strangers for food. Girl’s gotta try. #owningit

I’m getting better and I’m trying to “run.” Foster Dad calls it high gear, low range… Whatever that means.

I learned how to play chase! Foster brother was so excited, he ran into to the doorway, #bulldoghandling. I helped Foster Mom with a craft project and Foster Dad thought that was hilarious. He also thought it was funny that I learned how to crawl under the bed with my cat friend. Foster brother was annoyed because he hasn’t figured out how to fit under there, yet. #depthperceptioniskey

I have heard there is going to be a birthday party this weekend at my foster home. That means CAKE! Sweet dreams, y’all… sweet, lemon bundt cake dreams.

9/21/19 Update:  Dreams really do come true, and I LOVE lemon cake! Kids’ birthdays are the best. There were all sorts of things hanging from the ceiling. Every time I pulled them down, my foster parents put them back up. That was a fun game all week! This party was really magical. I was told I’m a Gryffindor! Foster mom said it’s because I’m brave and try new things, even though I might get a little nervous, like climbing over the couch to beg for cake. She also said “cat” was definitely Slytherin, with all that food stealing he tries. I agree with her.

My foster granny was here this week. She thought she’d be cute and try to take a video of me playing with my bed. I am not a show dog. As soon as I saw that camera in her hands, I gave her the look to let her know I did not approve of her behavior. Then I laid down and looked right back at that camera to let her know the show was over! That being said, I still laid on her lap for snuggles. Have a good week, y’all.

10/1/19 Update:  After thinking about it, I had lots to do this week. Foster Mom recruited me to be her personal trainer. I’m not sure why laying down in the garage is a workout, but laying on the couch is lazy. I do know I’m probably the best personal trainer out there #dropitlikeabulldog. I love my mornings as Foster Dad’s personal side warmer. It’s a much cozier job. #greenheating

This week, I was also Foster Brother’s personal therapist. Foster Granny left last week and he’s been such a drama queen all week about how much he misses her. But he’s a sweet boy, so I let him tell me all about it. Because, when someone is cold, Scrunchie is there. When someone is lonely, Scrunchie is there. When someone needs to talk, Scrunchie is there. When someone needs to go on a long walk…Scrunchie will be there when you get home. When a pretzel falls in the pantry, Scrunchie is there. Life is simply better with a Bulldog. Oh, and here’s a demo of my workout video. We rolling off the calories, y’all!