Age: 10 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Let me introduce myself. My name is Suki and I am ten years old. But I am worried about my dad. He’s been crying a lot lately! Today I found out why. He lost his job a few years ago and has had a hard time finding another good one. His mother died, and then he hurt his back really bad and was laid up for months following surgery. I was his nurse. 🙂

Then things got worse. We lost our house and moved into a smaller one. Last week we had to move out of that one and he said the only thing he could find was to rent one room in a house and that I would have to stay outside. He said he knew it was not the right thing to do, but he couldn’t find anything else. That’s when the crying really started. He also apologized that for the past couple of years he could not afford to take me to the vet like he used to. And I really need to go!

So desperate situations call for hard decisions. Today I met this nice man and my dad gave him my crate and handed him my leash. We had a tearful good bye. But he said it was best for me. Now I can get my eves fixed, get my shots, be spayed, and get a real spa treatment. This gal has needed one of those for a long time! I don’t know what the future holds in rescue, but I will never forget my dad who loved me and cared for me and always did what he could to do what was best for me. I sure hope he will be alright. 

4/29/18 Update:  Foster girl Suki joined me and my three senior bulldog girls week ago. It has been an easy transition for her and a pleasant one for us. She has made herself at home. When you meet Suki be ready for conversation and extended love sessions. If you talk to this little love bug and rub her ears she gurgles a low growl with tail wagging all of the time. She likes to visit. If you stop the loving before she’s through, you get the paw for more. I have never had a bulldog that could scratch her ears with her hind legs.  Suki can. She needs eye drops every day, but other than that she is a healthy, happy girl.  She hasn’t attempted to get on the furniture, even though I wouldn’t mind, and she always does her business outside. Ten years is just a number for Suki. My three girls sleep too much for her. She is active, curious and ready for action. I predict many more years for this sweet girl.

7/25/18 Update:  Update from Suki’s foster momma: Sweet 10-year-old Suki has plenty of energy and spunk. The yellow duck doesn’t have a chance! Suki loves being at home and loving on people. I always know where she is, and she always knows where I am because she follows me from room-to-room. There’s no sneaking away from even a sleeping Suki! I ❤️ our seniors, especially when they are as loving and well-mannered as Suki.

8/28/18 Update:  Suki is so precious. She is such a good listener. She wanted attention, but instead listened intently while I explained my surgery and that I didn’t feel well right now. I had to get a picture of those sympathetic eyes. She has the cutest tail wag that goes up and down and not from side to side. This senior lady knows how to make a comfortable bed. After working hard to arrange the blankets, she snuggles in for s good nap. Suki is a sweet, gentle, well-mannered 10-year-old looking for a loving home.