Age: 2 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $650.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Oh Happy Day!  Today I joined rescue and I have already been to the pumpkin patch and picked myself some pumpkins! My name is Synder and I am 2 years old.  I have always had a family who loved me and took great care of me, but they thought I needed more time and attention than they could give right now.  So I packed my bulldog bags and headed out to find that perfect family who wanted me to be like their shadow and would take me everywhere they go.  I love people a lot, and I love other things with fur too. I have a few medical things that need to be addressed, and then a little recovery. After that I will be ready for a family who needs me to travel with them. Anywhere, anytime I can be ready to go!  My name is Synder and I am 2 years old!