Age: 3 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $500.00

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Please welcome Thelma to our rescue family! She comes to us after a recent local puppy mill bust that involved the seizure of 132 animals. Thelma is 3 years old and only weighs 28 lbs. She is a mess health-wise, but everyone in the shelter loved her personality and came out to bid her adieu before she left for our vet’s office.

4/9/17 Update:  Thelma, Louise’s buddy, does not know what to do with herself. Having never lived in a house, Thelma has to check out everything. She has sniffed every inch of her foster home. Thelma also can hop on a chair and then hop on a table. Thelma is working on her manners, but curiosity gets the best of her. Thelma has spent a great deal of time resting in her crate after her spay, hernia repair and dental surgery. She thinks blankets are the best and builds her a little soft blanket mound to lay on. This girl is so starved for affection (and good meals too) that sometimes her exuberance can be a bit much. She will figure out she is never again going to be deprived of the physical and emotional needs of life and settle in. Thelma would like everyone to know her beauty is quite unique. Thelma may have been the runt of her litter and the product of not-so-great breeding, but she thinks she is beautiful and no one can tell her otherwise. She will fill out and her coat will thicken, but she may not ever look like the typical Bulldog.

Thelma is pretty proud of her tiny self and insists on a trip to Hollywood Feed for some girlie gear… pink, of course. She figures at 3 years of age, she has a lot of diva left in her.

4/30/17 Update:   Puppy mill gal Thelma continues to blossom. As she does, her lack of essential manners too. She jumps and stands on her hind legs with paws on counters, dishwasher, stove, fridge, tables… you get the picture. We haven’t worked on leashes yet because I’ve had a bad hand and am recovering from Friday’s surgery. She’s a week into clavomox for a UTI. We’re still working on house training. She goes if you take her out, but won‘t let you know beforehand. So, it’s a work in progress. She spends ALL day beside me, in the literal sense. She spends her nightly beauty rest time crated and goes in with no fuss. She’s been caught watching TV, taking exceptional interest on the pet commercials. This morning, a heartworm commercial came on showing multiple dogs and she perked, that ridge of fur went up and she was on sentry. She’s super sweet and warming up to our Bulldog Capone. She event got frisky with him in the yard yesterday. She’s filled out and has put on a few pounds. The key word for this gal is patience, but we’ll get there!

5/18/17 Update:  What a sweet, loving, giving and insecure deaf girl she is.  Since I’m home ALL day she is perfectly content being by my side.  If I’m sitting. she’s sucked up right beside me.  If I’m walking, shes either between my feet or literally on the heels of my flip flops or slippers.  She’s learned to go up the stairs, but not yet down the stairs.  Being a “POCKET” bully, one of us carries her 28 lb self downstairs.  She gets the zoomies, but our 6 yr old isn’t interested in playing. She loves her crinkle froggie even though she can’t hear him crinkle.   She was being crated at night, but now sleeps on the floor by my side of the bed at night.  Still working o  house training though the pads are helping. She will go outside if the door is left open, but if closed, will find a rug.  Working on some basic sign language, time will tell.  She watches TV, will lunge at TV if animals are on.  Remember, she can’t hear though I’m trying to determine a frequency she CAN pick up on, courtesy of the ITUNES store. Purchased her a double strand of pearls, a blingie leather collar and a patriotic dress so video and more pics to come.  She must have a patient stay at home person to call her own.  She has torn up some blinds peeking out windows when we’re gone.  Separation issues.Sweetest love bug ever!!

6/4/17 Update:  It’s Thelma (or ‘Telms’) here for my update. Now, before you judge my photos, just know this diva was not late for Memorial Day, instead I’m early for 4th of July. Being from the ‘mill’ side of town, I’m a frugal gal and my gowns are multi-purpose!I’ve had an OK week. I’m no longer staying in the crate, instead I’m socializing with my upright walking gang and the family fur Bulldog. Upright walker, Foster Mom has put these funky papers around the house, and seems super pleased when I do my lady business on them. Still grasping this entire outside stuff… it’s puzzling to me. There are these things that have been falling from the sky. I think you uprights call it rain? Yea, they aggravate me so I bark and snap at ’em. I can’t hear myself, but Foster Mom makes me come in if the sun’s not up yet.

Even though I’m not Irish, I wrote you a limerick so here goes. Oh, I call it Thelma’s Limerick!

Hi, I’m Thelma from the ‘Mill”
Life was terrible until…
A group called ‘Rescue’
Scooped in my domain
On their saving campaign
And my life’s good, I ascertain
Now, where’s the champagne? (to go with my divalicious pearls of course)

Are you my forever upright? I’d love to sit by your side all day long, sleep on the floor all night beside your bed. All I ask for in return is your unconditional love and patience while I learn this new good life, good food, ear scratches, and maybe toss my froggie for me. Snugg’s my middle name! Did I mention how petite I am? Yup, I’d even fit in one of those divalicious bags they sell at Petco! TTFN!

6/12/17 Update:  Hello to all of my Thelma fans and followers! It’s another week in rescue for me. Why haven’t you taken my glorious opportunity to meet up yet? I had a terrific week here at the temp place. Trying to learn all those funny things foster Mama & Papa are teaching me (sign language, REALLY?….uhhhh last I checked I don’t have hands, much less thumbs) <insert my dainty sigh>…. they are a persistent lot. Still working on my outside business training and they say I’m getting better. I had a secret and they’ve now learned it. That is, when I get worked up and bark a bunch, either from playing or letting them know I don’t want them leaving me, well <embarrassing to say>, I get really gassy. Yup, there… I said it… my BIG secret is out. It’s really best at that point to take me outside, so I may do the unmentionable. I really do adore luxuriating in the sun a few times a day, snoozing next to you all day, sleeping on my bed beside yours at night. I easily maneuver bounding up the stairs here, but am frightened to go down them. Why, yesterday I was so happy when M & P got home, I wiggled so much that I accidentally went down 1 entire stair on my own, without realizing it. Needless to say, they came and carried me down the remainder. I’m so petite and these stairs intimidate me from the top peeking down. They tell me, “Patience Diva!” I really, really hope, that when you adopt me, that you have a laser pointer. Oh my goodness… I have so much fun chasing that dot. M & P tried to video while I chased it, but I’m tooooo quick to be caught on camera. It’s bath day for me so I must run! -T

6/26/17 Update:  Thelma checking in.  I’ve had a really good week.  Foster M says I’m really getting the concept of this outdoor “elimination” down.  I still had a couple slips but I’m getting better, alot!  Oh, how I loved the rain on Saturday.  I adore going outside and chasing and biting the raindrops that fall.  Heck, I’ll even try to catch the drips from the house, it doesn’t matter.  I’m still waiting on you to come and meet me.  My dream family will have someone I can stay beside ALL day long.  I’m a true snuggler.  I’ve done good around Foster M’s older small people….I think she calls them grandkids?  If their so grand then doesn’t that make me a grandbully?  Yep, pretty sure it does!  Well, here’s a movie, starring ME!  And my costar is my FAVORITE toy in the world…..Mr Froggy.  As you can see, we get along great too.  Sooooo, when are we gonna meet?  Don’t get me wrong, I love it here…..a bath every week, a soft snuggly bed, a temporary human, grain free kibble twice a day, fresh water from our fountain BUT…..I’m ready for YOU, my permanent family.  I’m free to meet you anytime so let’s get something set up!  XOXOXO Thelma

7/5/17 Update:  Thelma here! Hope everyone had a Happy 4th and remained safe. Was a breeze for me! The worst was my foster mom putting these funny things on my head. I’m still waiting for my forever family. Is it you? Mom? Dad? Well, I’m late for a nap and I really don’t have anything new to talk about today. Talk soon. -T

7/23/17 Update:  Greetings all! I’m sorry it’s been a minute since I’ve given an update, much less bless you with my fine self (dang, Foster Mom just said, “Don’t be conceited, Thelma”). I’ve just been hanging out with Foster Mom and Dad and the other family Bulldog. My folks are still being patient with me and helping me by building my confidence. I’ve gotten better about going and ‘eliminating’ outside. I seem to get a wee bit anxious when I’m left home alone without humans, and I forget and slip. But….. I’ve learned I really like making them happy by taking it outside AND how I adore the cookies I receive. I really don’t like being in the crate and if placed in there, I bark, and bark, and bark. I can’t hear, but I think it becomes very annoying for my humans. At night, I either sleep downstairs in a bed near the other Bulldog or I’ll tag along upstairs and sleep in the soft bed on the floor beside Foster Mom and Dad’s bed. I annoy the other Bulldog because if it’s bedtime and I decide I’m sleeping upstairs with the people, I bark and fuss at the other Bulldog until he’s tired of listening to me, and then he’ll get up and come upstairs too! Hey, I don’t want him to be all alone in the dark at night. That would be quite rude of me. I did learn something new this week. Are you ready for this? Drum roll please…….I can go DOWN the stairs now. Foster Mom and Dad said something along the lines of “Thank goodness for their knees?” Even though I’m only around 30 pounds, I suppose I get heavy. Well, I’m still waiting to meet you, my forever family! If you’re wanting someone to be your shadow and companion, then I’m your girl. Snuggler? I’m your girl! Like to play toss? I’m your girl! Wanna watch me chase the laser? I’m your girl! Love water? Yep, I’m your girl! Wacky ears (Foster M&P say I have a Bulldog ear and a Frenchie ear), then I’m your girl! I’ve done good with ages 9+ and get along fabulous with the other house canine. So let’s meet! I’m just what you’ve been looking for. I promise!