Age: 3 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $600.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Titan’s the name, and itchins’ my game!  As you can see, I got a few things to get fixed up – cherry eyes, skin issues and this darn itch! Ya see, I’ve been an outside bulldog and these darn allergies got the best of me!

I’m so thankful for these kind folks at LSBCR took me in! When the dog uber showed up he let me know that bulldogs are not outside dogs?! So he loaded me up in the car with a cozy bed, and we hit the road headed to the dog doc to get me tended to.

I’ll keep you posted on my rescue adventures. Until then, here are some picture of me. I don’t do pictures much but these are the best poses I got… 

4/30/20 Update:  Greetings From TITAN!  Titan is our 3-Year Old LOVE BUG!!!  Mr. Titan had a family that loved him, but financially could not give him the medical care he needed.  They let him go out of love.  They had him since he was a puppy.  It was a very hard decision to make, but they made it for him and called Rescue.  We are so happy they chose us.

Titan came to us with both eyes filled with Cherry eyes and itchy skin due to allergies.  His skin is nearly clear and both Cherry eyes have been removed.  When looking at his photo’s, please ignore the swelling in his eyes.  They will heal and he will be gorgeous again.  He’s a healthy boy in every other way.

Titan’s shy, sweet way and that crooked smile wins you over instantly.  He is still a little shy, because he has been with his family all his life and he is getting use to us.  He is a wonderful boy from nose to tail.  He likes to be close to you and loves you to rub his ears.

When he came in to have photo’s taken, he wasn’t very sure of himself.  Before he even got in the room, my dog Finn (who was there in a crate for eye surgery) barked and growled (because my dogs have no manners) and Titan ran straight to me and in-between my legs for protection.  I threw a blanket over Finn’s crate and that took care of Finn.  Titan decided Finn had been put in his place and every thing was fine now and he could enjoy himself.

This boy needs love, patience and calm for a while.  He needs to find himself again.  Find his confidence in his new surroundings.  I said earlier he is our Love Bug, but any family he joins, he will be their Love Bug forever.  He loves the people who love him.

Titan’ s shyness and sweetness will steal your heart, but getting to be a part of him becoming the Titan he’s supposed to be will take your breath away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/20/20 Update:  After checking into Chateau De Fairchild two weeks ago, this little gentleman has gone from being a real timid, shy, cautious lil’ guy to not-so-timid, shy, cautious lil’ dude. It’s progress! He is loving and super, super sweet and he has this adorable crooked lil’ smile that just captures you.

Titan is currently recovering from double cherry eye surgery and is healing slowly in his right eye (needed two surgeries). He’s on eye meds at this time. He’s also on antibiotics due to his skin issues (and healing nicely).

We are working on a few things like: after chasing the cat upstairs, how to come down the stairs (I do carry him down), potty training (doing well), walks between your legs (it’s cute until you trip).

Titan’s forever family will need to let him feel the security and love of a family. He needs to be in a home with older children or big toddlers who can hold their own. Titan plays well with others and he knows commands. He likes sleeping on your feet or just being real close. He loves chasing cats. 🙄 He enjoys your full attention and he will show you how happy he is with a wiggle butt tap dance.

5/26/20 Update:  This is Titan checking in or out-duuude! The morning struggle is real. The foster mom’s morning ritual of me having to get up with her and hearing her squeal “Good Morning, Sunshine!” can HIT a nerve. I just want to sleep in …. just a little longer.

From Titan’s foster momma: Titan is slow to rise in the mornings, but when he hears his breakfast being prepared, he is up and in the kitchen faster then anything.