Fred had the best Fourth of July a Bulldog could have… he was adopted! Fred was so excited to meet his new mom and dad who had driven a long way just for him. They brought in a big bag of toys and Fred quickly found his favorite and decided to lay down and chew right there. Of course, he first had to prance around and show off his adorableness. His new mom and dad were in love! Fred will have the life he deserves: a life of love, patience and understanding of how far he has come. Foster ma and dad will miss this loving boy… happy tails, sweet boy!

We all know that while most adoptions work out well for everyone, there are those, for one reason or another, that just do not. Sometimes it is bad chemistry. Sometimes it is unrealistic expectations. Sometimes we just cannot understand or explain why it did not work. Fred is back with his rescue family. He is still the wonderful boy he has always been, and he is not giving up on finding that perfect forever family.

Fred has been adopted!  Fred came to rescue back in November. He had been saved from a terrible hoarding situation. Fred was a shell of a Bulldog with horrible skin issues, painfully thin and emotionally beaten down. Having to fight for food and care left him not wanting to be with other dogs. After spending some time at the clinic getting well, Fred was on to the next chapter of his life, never looking back.

Fattening him up was easy as he loves to eat! Next best thing after eating? Snuggling with his humans! He loves, loves to cuddle, get kisses and just be with his peeps. The perfect Bulldog, in our eyes. Then came along the perfect family, tailor-made for Fred. A loving mom, dad and a skin brother to play with and ALL to himself! Fred hit the jackpot, or should I say, Magnus hit the jackpot!

Magnus will never go without ever again and that is all this foster mom and dad ever wanted for this special boy. Happy tails, little guy. We will miss you!

Fred and Ginger were born to dance. But lately there has been nothing to dance about. They were part of a nine dog group rescued from a hoarding situation. They were covered with fleas and sores over their skin, and bald spots everywhere. Their nails were so long, they curled back under their feet and were digging into their pads.

But that life is gone forever!  Fred and Ginger are both three years old. Ginger (the dark brindle and white) weighs 49 pounds and we think she has a torn ACL on top of everything else. Fred (the fawn and white) weighs 53 pounds and has the worst skin with several large sores from rubbing himself raw.

They both seem super sweet. They were even playing with a cat at the shelter and one at the clinic. Soon it will be time for them to dance again!

3/27/18 Update:  Fred has been with us a couple of weeks now and he is doing awesome!  He is seriously one of the sweetest boys that we have ever fostered.  He loves, loves people and just wants to be with you all the time and we’ve got a champion cuddler right here.  Fred walks great on a leash, again, the best we have ever had as he is a stroller, not a sprinter.  He just loves to take in everything he sees and is in no rush and no pulling.

We are working on his house training and when we take him out, he does his business like a champ.  He is having accidents in the home-remember he came from a hoarding situation where Im sure he was kept in his crate all day and night and had to relieve himself in that crate.  I feel with time and patience he will conquer house training.

We feel fairly certain that Fred also had to fight for food and was in a very noisy house, so a calmer home with no other dogs and he would just blossom into the bulldog he was meant to be.  Foster ma and dad adore this little gentleman and it has been such a joy to see him come out of his shell every day.

7/1/18 Update:  Fred is doing great since coming back into Rescue.  He has adjusted well into a home with several foster siblings, even choosing to hang a little bit with the boy foster siblings. But he really will do better as the only thing with fur.  Fred has a little bit of a nervous tummy, so we are treating that with some special food and meds.  He wants nothing more than to be with his humans and lots of love.  Luckily, such a family is coming to meet him this week, so keep your fingers crossed for this amazing boy.