You know the old saying…”Good things come to those who wait!”… Well, yes, folks, there is truth to that saying! A wonderful couple from Huntsville drove up to our Bar 2909 event to meet a couple of the girls who would possibly become a sister to their Bulldog boys, Tex and Sherlock. However, our beautiful Helga caught Les’ eye and he and Donna came over to just visit with her. Now, they were already familiar with her story and the fact that she should probably be an only dog, so she originally wasn’t a consideration, but the more they sat there with her, they knew in their hearts she was the one for them! So after several conversations between Les, Donna, Renea and ourselves, on Friday, we packed her things for a road trip (for a 2nd time) in hopes she would do well with Tex & Sherlock. During their meet & greet, we knew without a doubt this was where she belonged! She is in a beautiful home with a wonderful backyard that allows her to look out into a national forest. For Helga, this is absolute heaven, as she loves to be out in nature! Over the weekend, we spent quite some time with her new parents and felt very comfortable with Helga’s future! As a matter of fact, we‘re looking forward to future gatherings! Not only did she get a loving family, we have made some wonderful friends. We will see you soon, sweet girl!

Helga loves and gets along with most everyone and everything. In spite of that, some adoptions and the blending of families do not always work out. We think she would do better in a family where she is the only female dog. We welcome this sweet gal back and will be looking to match her with another family.

Helga has been adopted! She writes: Fabulous news… I am now a resident of Pflugerville! I packed my bag and treats and headed out on a road trip to meet my new dad. I didn’t get to meet my mom, right away, as she was not feeling 100%. However, she fell in love with me once I arrived at my new home. My dad has been wanting a Bulldog for a while and lucky for me, we clicked. I will get to be his lil’ girl, “BELLA!”

Helga found herself wandering around town in East Texas, just like a lovely lady on a afternoon stroll. However, Helga felt like it was her supper time, but no one wanted to feed her so she just laid down in the road, trying to figure out what direction was the best for her to go. Lucky for Helga, it was just a country road with not much traffic or Helga might have not been so lucky.

As luck would have it, a really nice animal control officer came along and loaded her up, got her some supper, and knew either she was lost or someone had dumped her. Helga sat patiently for someone to come looking for her, but no one came. So, Helga was happy to leave, start her medical treatment for mastitis, take a bath, have her nails trimmed and have a big bed to sleep on. Helga is 3-4 years old, has birthed some babies, and overall is one sweet Bulldog!

5/7/18 Update:  Afternoon everyone, it’s me Helga checking with the best news ever! I overheard a conversation that rescue had just approved a new foster family and they needed a really nice, loving, bulldog as their first foster. Then guess what I heard?  I heard “they need to foster Helga, she the best one in rescue!”  Did I hear that right, someone was saying Helga was the best one in rescue? I wanted to cry big bulldog tears. You see, before rescue I was found wandering in the country looking for a meal.  Yes, I had had some litters of puppies, yes, I had some mammary tumors, yes I was big, but no one ever said I was the best of anything.  My only job was having babies till I could not have any more, then I was let go.  Well, today I am moving my residence, I am going to break in a new foster family, and I am important, I am loved and I am happy.  I am waiting for a forever family to find me, but until then I am happy, really happy just hanging around with my new foster family.  The last 2 pics,  do you see me with my new foster parents Randy and Meda?  They said I was beautiful!

5/9/18 Update:  Monday evening we had the pleasure of picking up Helga and bringing her home with us!  She really is a wonderful girl and a true delight. We took her around the condo property so she could get familiar with the layout and she made several new friends, skin and fur!  Randy and I put together her crate and she was right by his side helping him each step of the way.  She could hardly wait to get in it!  That adorable stump of hers just wagged like crazy!  She is a quick learner, knows when “treat time” is and her and Kingston, our fur baby, sit side by side waiting for their turn!  Enjoying our time with her and getting lots of love from her!  Thank you to Renea, Shanette and Wes for all the info and the warm welcome into the wonderful world of foster!  A special thank you to Dianne for choosing Helga as our first foster!  We should have no problem getting her a fur ever home!!

5/20/18 Update:  Another good weekend in the books! My first BBQ backyard party was a success! We had great weather so we got to ride with our faces in the wind. Foster pops was proud of me for not being scared of 18-wheelers… loud noises do not bother me a bit, including thunderstorms! We got to stay the weekend at my foster family’s bestie’s home. We’ve come to the conclusion that I would do really well with someone who has a backyard, as I love to be outside! I also enjoy just sitting in front of the window or door and looking outside observing – I don’t bark at everything that comes by. Another plus for me: I did really well with meeting lots of new people and doggies. I handled myself like a real lady. I even learned to play with a squeaky ball, something I don’t think I ever had. The young Navy man who was home visiting his mom was thrilled he was the one to help me with that!

8/20/18 Update:  So, I know this pretty little face looks familiar and you are correct. It’s me, Ms. Helga!

I’m sad to report that my adoption didn’t work out and I’m now back with my foster family. Kingston was super happy to see me walk through the door ~ I think he missed me some! Thank you, Kingston. You’re a great friend! On my ride back home, I got to share the backseat with Badger, my new foster buddy. He’s OK for a little guy, especially because he’s fine with me being the queen of the castle.

In the past couple weeks, we’ve learned a couple things:
1) I don’t like sharing my toys with other doggies.
2) My furever home needs to be girl doggie free. I would be OK with a boy doggie, but he can’t be in charge. Catch my drift?

Other than that, all things are good! I still love car rides, glamping, backyard parties/BBQs, sitting next to your feet while you enjoy a meal in a public place, and letting little skin young ones love on me! I’m really a simple girl ~ I just need someone who will love me and make sure nothing bad ever happens to me again. My Foster Mums keeps telling me every day that there really is someone out there just for me. Maybe that someone is you! Until then I will just wait patiently while you fill out your application and hope you get matched to me.