Princess Jenny here 👋🏽(Princess is what my FURever dad calls me 💞). I apologize for this delayed update. To be honest, I received the best news a girl could ever receive and I’ve been over the moon with excitement!

Ya see, my foster pawrents came to me and asked how I like the sound of “Jenny Gail Gibbs.” I started jumping up and down with excitement.

It’s official: my foster pawrents adopted me. Pa placed my princess crown perfectly on my head 👑 and Ma brought out my very own princess cupcake 🧁. I’m now the one and only resident princess here at the Gibbs Crib and I get whatever I want!

Unfortunately for Jenny things did not work out with her new family. It was no fault of her own. Sometimes such a blended family does not work our as hoped. We welcome her back and look forward to matching her with a great forever family.

Today is a day of celebration as Fiona, formerly known as Jenny, has found her perfect FURever family!! Fiona enjoyed her morning at the spa. She then pranced around in her new pink collar, while her furever family loaded her belongings and adoption day present. At that moment she gave Foster Pops and Ma a sweet, sweet kiss.

Fiona has truly been blessed with the sweetest family. She gets to watch over her two precious little skin sisters and one fur brother, Frankie. We will miss you Fiona, but don’t worry, you will have endless amounts of the love!! Happily furever after to you, Sweetheart! 🐶💗

Hey, all you beautiful Bulldog friends. It’s me, Skinny Jenny, and I have joined rescue! That cracked me up because I am not skinny at all. In fact, I think the word skinny needs to be taken out of the dictionary forever! I consider myself “thick,” which means if I trip and fall, I will have some padding to keep me from getting hurt.

So, with that being said, I LOVE myself! And I love everyone I have ever met. I love all other dogs, all kids, cats and even goats! Yes, I kissed a goat and I liked it! I am 5 years old and if you’re wondering what kind of family I am looking for…. well, let me tell you. I love active people, active kids and I love families that grill outside in the summer. I have always been the official taste tester for anything that is cooked on the grill, and that is a job that I take very seriously. So, fellow friends, if you can continue doing the things I like, send in a application and maybe you’ll be matched to me: Skinny Jenny, the full-figured Bulldog babe!

8/8/18 Update:  Hey y’all, Southern Bulldog Belle Emmy Lou here and I have some fabulous news…I am no longer the only Southern Bulldog Belle here at my foster home!!  I am sure you all remember the gorgeous Miss Jenny, who was adopted in early May. We all know Southern Belle’s like to be pampered and let’s just say that daggum doggie door wouldn’t open itself, so Jenny would just wait and wait until she finally got tired of waiting. So she then phoned her driver, left her belongings and is back looking for her much deserved forever home, preferably with a kind person whom will open the door for a lady when she needs it.

I’m so glad I am not the only Southern Bulldog Belle anymore. Jenny and I have become best friends! We’re the same age with the nearly the same personalities. We’re both very loving and laid back and demand to be treated like the Southern Bulldog Belle’s that we are.

10/16/18 Update:  Jenny has always had bowel problems and difficulty staying regular. This was one of the problems when she was adopted. The adopter struggles with her constipation and trying to keep her regular. She went to a specialist yesterday and was diagnosed with a mild form of Megacolon. She was placed on a medication to properly stimulate her bowel and Miralax. This should solve her problem and make her adoptable and easy to care for. Stay tuned for more updates on her condition.