Today was the big day! Pandora will now be known as Fiona. Her new family came to pick her up and she greeted them with butt wiggles and wet kisses. It was love at first sight for her new mom and dad. They have already started spoiling her with a shopping spree. Fiona will have all the love, as she will be the only dog. She also will get to spend time at the family lake house, which she will absolutely love. This beautiful girl will be very missed in her foster home, but we are so happy for her to begin her new life with her amazing new family.

Please welcome Pandora to our rescue family! She writes: From my fancy headgear, I bet you think I have been to the Royal Wedding. Or maybe the Kentucky Derby. Well, I am going to let you look deep into my eyes for a while before I give you the answer. I will give you a hint or two.

Everywhere I go, people look at me and they say, “OH, MY GOODNESS! You are beautiful.” Then it’s, “OH, MY GOODNESS! You need to lose some weight.” And then the question everyone wants to know… “OH, MY GOODNESS. What happened to your ears?”

Yes, I am beautiful.  NO, I do not need to lose some weight. And I have no idea why someone cropped my ears to make me look like a gargoyle. I was born with ears, then one day, they were gone. And yes, before you ask, it hurt bad when my ears were cropped.

I am 1 year and 7 months old and I used to have a job, Yes, a real job. I was the official greeter at a wonderful shelter. But, I lost that job for NO fault of my own. See, there were other greeters there too: a parrot, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and from time to time, ferrets. And as a Bulldog, I can make some fur and feathers fly when they aren’t in cages. Some folks also called me nosey; however, I prefer the word curious. I loved to look thorough everyone’s trash can and scatter papers.

So, I turned in my official greeter vest and badge. I let everyone know I loved the love they showed me, but I really just wanted a home. I am obsessed with a kiddie pool, and I love the water. I can put my entire head under water, even without wearing goggles! I LOVE to play, I LOVE to chew, and I MUST be allowed to sit in laps. My ears are not going to grow back, I have no intention of going on a diet, and I am nothing but love. I hope I have answered all your questions about me. I’ll be sure to share more about my life in foster care soon.