It was a scene Pippi had rehearsed in her mind many times. There was a Bulldog, a family and a happily ever after. She was always the Bulldog in the scene, the one who was “happy ever after.” But the reality was: she thought she would never find a family.

So many Bulldogs had came and gone, yet she stayed behind. New collars, new clothes, new toys and a new family was all Pippi ever wanted. When Pippi went to the store, people stared at her. Some would ask what was wrong with her. “Why is she missing hair?” “Why does she limp?” “Who in the world would want to adopt her?” Still Pippi persisted. She held her head up high and kept on believing someone would eventually fall in love with her. And someone did. Today was the day. Today was the day Pippi got ready for her new collar, clothes and toys.

Today, Pippi would meet the family that thought she was beautiful, regardless of her skin, her limp and her sagging undercarriage. Pippi was leaving rescue and moving in with her new family. And moving to the ocean. That’s right, she was moving to the beach, a place some Bulldogs only dream of living. A place where the sand is white and the weather is perfect. Pippi has never been to the beach. Her previous life was only about birthing babies. She was forced to sit on concrete, which wore her fur off, leaving leather patches on her legs and rear end. And then Pippi was apparently dumped… starving, smelling like something had died, and with barely the strength to hold up her head.

The climb to the top was not easy on Pippi. The medicated baths, the getting around, the day-to-day struggle to get stronger was hard. Pippi was carried, she was pulled in a wagon, she ate special food… but she got stronger. Kenna and David are the family that wanted to adopt Pippi, and it was love at first sight. Pippi was perfect in their eyes. In fact, Pippi IS perfect and an important reminder that we all need to look past each other’s outside imperfections. It’s the inside that always counts. We love you, Pippi!

She writes: Today, June 23, 2018 was the best day of my life. Today, I realized I matter to a lot of people, and I was given a name. After having many litters of puppies, I was picked up by animal control while roaming down south. I sat in the shelter and wondered if I EVER mattered to anyone. I wondered if anyone would want a dog who was literally starving to death. An awful-smelling dog with ugly growths on my skin. A dog with white gums and could barely walk.

But then, like a miracle that only happens to OTHER dogs, I heard the best news ever. I DID matter to a group of people and I was going to be able to leave the shelter. A transport plan had been arranged and I was going to ride in three different SUVs. And I was never going to look back. I walked out of the shelter thanks to Kylie, then I was picked up by Jen, and then Holly arrived and carried me to her car. Many miles later, I was transferred to Dianne’s SUV and got comfy. The attention, the blankets, the water, and the milkshake were amazing.

I must confess I had a peach milkshake. In fact, I ate the entire milkshake and half of the cup. Fair warning: no one should get out to pump gas and leave a milkshake unattended. Yes, I crawled to the front, stuck my head through the console and lifted the milkshake, like magic. In celebration of my freedom, I ate the entire thing. If you ever see Cooper’s Peaches on Hwy 45, I recommend stopping for a peach milkshake. I would say I am sorry, but really, I’m not. If you saw me in person, you would see every rib I have. My skin feels like it is on fire and my ears hurt so bad. Better days are ahead for me and I want to thank everyone who gave up their Saturday so I could get the help I have needed for a really, really long time! Keep your eye on me and watch me transform to the Bulldog I was born to be.

8/6/18 Update:  Yesterday the pool was open so this beach body babe hopped right in without my bathing suit. I am a free spirit, you see. And wow, did I get some attention! Yep, and it felt goooood! I was in the front yard sitting in my favorite position, head tilted slightly, tongue out, looking rather smoking hot. A car stopped and the driver said to ME… “Oh my gosh! Can I take your picture? You are a sight to behold!”

I was like, “Well, I only pose for treats so you better have some.” And guess what? They had been to the grocery store and had some sliced cheese. That was better than the treats my foster mom gives me. They took a lot of pics. I expect to be in the local paper soon. My life is fabulous now, quite different than prior to joining rescue. That’s when I was birthing litter after litter, and then ended up wandering around town looking for food. Rescue has been great for me, but a forever family is what I need now. And a bigger swimming pool would be great too!

9/28/18 Update:  Hello friends, its me Pippi checking in from the pumpkin patch picking myself the biggest pumpkin I can carry! Today has been fabulous, I first went to the spa for my medicated bath and the man there told me I was fabulous and he kissed me on my head. I felt like a movie star. See, not many people think I am all that fabulous.  Before rescue I was used for having babies and then I was turned loose to fend for myself. My skin was horrible and I looked like I was set on fire. But it is so much better now even though it’s still pink in places.  But I have tiny hairs growing all over my neck and chest! I still scratch a little, but with the change in the weather I am finding I don’t itch nearly as much now. I am so ready for a family. I love people, and I love other dogs. But what I love best is knowing someone out there will want me someday and I can be someone’s everything.  I walk a little different, and I walk a little slow, but I can lift my paw and give you a high 5 any time you need a high 5. I can shake for a treat, and I can sit in your lap, and I can love you forever, if you need a forever friend. That’s me, Pumpkin Picking Pippi.