Porter has been adopted!!  Porter is a sweet, active, funny, happy, kid loving, dog loving, plant loving (which we have to really watch) wiggle bug.  He came to us to foster from a good home that could no longer take care of him.  It had only been 3 weeks since we lost our sweet Winston, and he filled the void that little guy left.  He filled it so much that he’s not leaving us.  Porter fit right in, gets along with Rose (and that is a huge plus), adapted quickly to our routines, and whimpers when Bill is out of his sight.  He loves to walk and ride in the car.  His back legs are a little strange probably due to hip dysplasia, and we will have that looked at later this month.  We are still working on the terrible yeast infection under his neck and down his legs, but it is much better.  The vet was very pleased when he went in for his flu shot this morning.   So, as of July 4th, Porter became an official brother to Rose, and we couldn’t be happier.

Please welcome Porter to rescue! At the age of 3 this fella is one cute bulldog. Porter is a country western kinda fella and his best friend growing up was Dolly!  Dolly the Frenchie and Porter the Bulldog were like the dueling duo. But like some great things,  Porter and Dolly went their separate ways due to some life changes and Porter packed his bags and headed here. Life has always been great for Porter, he had a family that loved him, took really good care of him and surrendering Porter was a decision that was not taken lightly.  Porter is 3, current on shots, neutered and micro chipped.

6/24/17 Update:  Update from Porter’s foster momma: He is a ball of energy! He’s heartworm negative (whew!), but has a yeast infection on his paws. Otherwise, looks really good healthwise.

6/27/17 Update:  Porter is very sweet and very active.  He has a yeast infection on his feet and under his chin and neck.  He is being treated with antibiotics and I’m using the metawhatever wipes on it.  Itchy ears but no infection.  Using something I have for my two (Doc said okay).  He has jacked up back legs.  Sits like a frog.  They don’t bother him and apparently is seen often in Bulldogs.  Most likely hip dysplasia but without x-rays, they don’t know for sure.  But, they see it a lot, so that is their thinking.  No accidents in the house or when we put him in the crate last night.  He took his meds like a champ in cheese and is eating good.   Rose thinks he is a waste of good air.  But, that is my Rose.  She is also ignoring me.   She gave him a warning growl yesterday to tell him she ran the house on Martin Creek and then pretty much ignored him.  We have not let them be alone together at all and are keeping one or both on a leash when they are together – just in case we need to control a situation.  That won’t change for a few days.  She outweighs him by 12 lbs. and it would be from her I’m pretty sure.  He walks great on a leash.

He gets on the furniture but when you tell him off, he will get off (we don’t let the pups on the furniture or bed at our house).  He understands a lot of commands, so he has been loved and messed with.  He loves to follow you at your heels wherever you go.  And, he isn’t partial to Bill or me.  He’s behind whichever one of us is moving.

Liam will be over this weekend, so we will see how he is with kids, but I have a feeling he will be great.  He’s probably going to be good for an active family.  He likes to go.  And play ball.  And explore.   I’ll try to get some good pictures this weekend and do a little write up (or maybe have Bill do it since he is a wordsmith and I’m just technical).