No matter how long or how short the foster stay is, it doesn’t get easier. Wolfgang came, he saw and he conquered foster land, and he left his foster family with so much love for him! It also was love at first sight for him and the forever family he won the lottery with. Wolfgang, now Blitz, has a mom, dad, fur brother and two fur sisters to call his own and give his love to forever. This was a match made in heaven… the perfect family has been created!

When we met these two on Saturday, there was an ‘Eruption‘ of love! Meet Van Halen and Wolfgang, the duo that will make you want to ‘Jump‘ for joy. Handsome, (for the most part) well-behaved, crate trained, professional backseat drivers, great snugglers, snore-kings and ready for a furever family. They will get acclimated in no time!!

Together, they are best buds, share their food and play fight – but think ‘Everybody Wants Some‘ and wanted our foster bully Brisket to join the fun, but he didn’t welcome the bully bonding as much…Wolfgang says, “Why Can’t This Be Love?!”

Fun Fact about Wolfgang the Bully: His little long body can jump on almost anything, couch, chairs, over a baby gate etc! Wolfgang did test positive for Demodex mites and will need further treatment.

11/2/20 Update:  Here’s my headline: Tame Wolf pup with a wild side seeking long-term couch companion ready for adventure!

My name is Wolfgang, or Wolf to my closest friends. I’m a little over a year old and the best time of my life starts now. I have been in my foster home for three days and let me just say, what a whirlwind it’s been!
Foster mom tells me I’m a fast learner. I’m doing really well with potty training and I already learned that the couch is my new best friend. Alert: I love to cuddle! So if you are sitting on the couch, plan on me cuddling up with you.
Keep following me and my adventures in foster land and all you couch cuddlers need to apply.
11/12/20 Update:  Wolfgang is doing great in his foster home after just a little over a week. He is such a sweet boy and just wants to be by your side or your shadow.
His playful side is starting to come out, as he adjusts to the resident dogs, and he is learning about the joys of toys.
He loves kids, and prefers to cuddle with them. He can get puppy playful until the fun police (AKA me) tells him to stop. He knows the word “no” and is a good listener and a quick learner.
We have found that he is so inquisitive with cats that he would do better in a home without one. He is just exploring all of his surroundings and figuring out what being a puppy actually is, and he embraces it.
✅ He sleeps through the night in his crate.
✅ He walks great on a leash.
✅ He knows to do his business outside.
His ideal family will have plenty of lap space for him and be willing to help him grow – he’s still working on basic commands, like sit. Like any toddler, he has a stubborn side, but in the end, he just wants to please you.