33 Bulldogs Available for Adoption

Hundreds of Bulldogs are lost, abandoned, taken to animal shelters, or surrendered to rescue every year. This is the price of popularity. (The Bulldog is the 7th most popular dog in America according to the American Kennel Club). Buyers are intrigued by the Bulldog's many charms, only later to discover the special care that may come with their wrinkles, "pushed in" faces, unusual structure, and, in some cases, genetic faults from irresponsible breeding.

The Bulldogs that come through the rescue program are seldom in "perfect" condition in terms of health, temperament or both. Frequently, it is health and/or behavior problems that cause the owners to be willing to give up the dog. The average age of rescue Bulldogs is about four or five, and few Bulldogs are ever surrendered to rescue under the age of three.

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Gunner 1


Adult Male
Adoption Fee: $500.00
Adopt Gunner

Tank II 2

Tank II

Adult Male
Adoption Fee: $600.00
Adopt Tank II

Georgia 1


Senior Female
Adoption Fee: $300.00
Adopt Georgia

Rubix 3


Adult Male
Adoption Fee: $500.00
Adopt Rubix

Hercules 1


Senior Male
Adoption Fee: $300.00
Does not get along with other dogs.
Adopt Hercules



Adult Female
Adoption Fee: $500.00
Adopt Petunia



Adult Female
Adoption Fee: $500.00
Adopt Jasmine

Russell 5


Adult Male
Adoption Fee: $500.00
Adopt Russell

Lilly 1


Adult Female
Adoption Fee: $500.00
Adopt Peony

Rose 1


Adult Female
Adoption Fee: $500.00
Adopt Rose

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