Angel Lynn

Age: 8 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $400

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Angel Lynn

I know I am a mess. But I was given the perfect name when I left the shelter.

I am about 8 years old and only weigh 31 pounds. I have demodex mange, lots of bare skin, some sores and growths. My ears are a mess and I cannot hear. I have breast tumors that need to be removed and some of my lymph nodes are enlarged. The X-rays show lung congestion and a possible uterine tumor. I also have more gunk in my eyes than any dog should have. Dr. Larsen will have to wait until my skin clears up some before I have any operations.

I won’t tell you anything about my past life. What counts is what happens from this day forward. Dr. Larsen and her staff have been hugging on me and telling me how sweet and beautiful I am. They say there is power in positive thinking. Well, I am going to think positive and look forward to a wonderful life in the future.

I can see it now: a beautiful Bulldog with her beautiful and loving family. Can’t you see it too?

8/12/21 Update:  Like some other dogs at the clinic, Angel Lynn has been affected with the dreaded kennel cough. They are giving her breathing treatments and she is feeling much better. She still has a rather snotty nose. Even with all this, her energy level is so much better. She now has a pep in her step! And even better is that a lot of her hair is beginning to grow back. She needs to recover fully before she can have any surgery.

8/19/21 Update:  Poor Angel Lynn had a very rough day. She had her spay, but that was the easy part.

She had one very large tumor and one small tumor on her spleen, so the spleen was removed. She had over a dozen assorted growths and small skin tumors removed from all over her body. Dr. Larsen also removed several breast tumors she suspects are cancerous. Angel Lynn has staples everywhere.

Additionally, she had several rotten teeth pulled and we learned she has

one enlarged kidney. But, she came through surgery and will begin her recovery.

Dr. Larsen believes Angel Lynn’s long-term prognosis is not all that good. She recommended we place her with a hospice foster, which obviously is upsetting for us.

One highlight from the day? Our friend Lisa sent Angel Lynn a beautiful blanket specially made for her, and we were able to take it to the clinic for her today.

8/24/21 Update:  Foster girl Angel Lynn may look a little rough, with stitches, staples and skin issues, but she’s not letting anything slow her down. When she gets out of her kennel, she will run toward the door so she can go outside. She loves to walk around the yard and enjoy the fresh air, even if it is a little warm. It is also exciting that you can see a lot of hair beginning to grow on her legs.

9/2/21 Update:  Little fospice pepper Angel Lynn broke out of the hospital yesterday. She says she’s ready to enjoy her time here in this world and soft beds, good food (and lots of it) and strolls around a soft grassy yard with friends are all part of it. This tiny little dinosaur has a lot of living left to do! 

9/27/21 Update:  I think she’s doing much better. I can see hair coming back on her legs and feet, and a little fuzz on her chest. She’s feeling better and likes to nap on the couch. She gets up and comes to see whoever comes in the door. She also loves to do a good roll and scratch on the big bed.

10/18/21 Update:  Angel is doing better and better each day. We have HAIR growing on our legs and feet and fuzz on our chin and chest!! Her weight is s-l-o-w-l-y getting better. She doesn’t look like a tiny stegosaurs so much with her backbone and hips sticking out so badly. You can almost not see all her ribs too. She is becoming happy….doing morning stretches….barking for her meals (she gets 3 and a bedtime snack) and today actually played with my hand a little bit when she did her all over wiggle on the couch. She’ll get there….with time…hopefully she has lots of that left to learn how nice living in a family can be. She’s not real fond of the every 3 day undercarriage-foot baths but she tolerates them and knows when it’s over she gets to run around and rub on everything! Here’s to more and better days for this tiny little girl.