Age: 13 Weeks

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $700.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Angelo joined rescue today at 13 weeks along with his mother and four siblings.
He is making himself at home and was greeted by the four resident dogs. They seem to have all become friends very fast. Angelo (Michelangelo was too long) obviously has some medical concerns, including an umbilical hernia that will need repair. He is still a puppy and developing, but his front legs are misaligned. We may have to do a little therapy or see the orthopedist if things don’t improve.
This boy is excited about getting a forever home.
5/4/21 Update:  Angelo checking in after my first full day in rescue. I never knew life could be so much fun. I played last night with some other dogs here. They are all different sizes and colors, but they all liked me. One even tried to wrestle with me. 

Today I rode with some other dogs to visit everyone at the clinic. It did hurt my feelings a little when they made fun of the way my legs look crooked and the strange way I run. It is the only way I know how to run. But I could tell they all loved me. I got some shots, a nail trim, my ears cleaned, some eye drops for my goofy eye, and plenty of hugs.

On the way home, foster pop let me ride in the front! I was so much fun. I got to chew on the seat of his new SUV, eat the console, chew on the gear shift, and his cell phone. Hey, it’s what puppies do. This was all before we got a mile down the road. He said, “Angelo, don’t make me stop this car. If you do that one more time I’m stopping the car and you will not like it.” Let’s just stay in a minute of two he stopped the car and I laid in my crate pouting the rest of the way home. But we did stop at this giant store full of all kinds of dog stuff. He let me ride on a blanket in the basket so my feet wouldn’t touch the dirty floor. He bought me some new puppy-sized toys to chew on. 

I’m tired and think I will take a nap. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what happens.