Bentley Augustus

Age: 1 Yr. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $700

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

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Bentley Augustus


A big Texas howdy to all you beautiful Bulldog people! Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Bentley Augustus but Foster Mom and Dad call me Gus. I am a nine month old bundle of Bulldog puppy joy and I am so excited to be here!

When I was born my front legs just didn’t seem right so ultimately, rescue got the call to see if anything could be done and let me tell you, that rescue truck pulled up the next day and I haven’t looked back. The dude that picked me up told me not to worry, I was where I needed to be and all you rescue folks would get me fixed up and ready to be the star of someone’s family. He’s taking me to see somebody called Doctor Larsen later this week and she is gonna see what can be done to help me. (Foster dad says the first thing is called house training but that doesn’t sound too interesting)

I am ready to start 2022 on a great foot with a new and amazing family!  If you need someone to cuddle, get your applications in quick because although I love this place, I won’t be here long. Hug a Bulldog and remember, “No Bulldog Left

1/21/22 Update:   Bentley Gus made it to his foster home on Monday. Let’s just say that at 9 months, he is still all puppy!

Dr. Lay examined his legs last week and his front ones are quite a mess. The left is much worse than the right. Both are abnormally curved in the radius. They not only curve front to back, but also side to side. Because his legs are curved in different directions, when he walks his legs go in every direction. 

But his condition doesn’t slow him down one bit. He has already proven to be very playful with my other dogs. He is on the clinic schedule to be neutered and have his cherry eye fixed. Dr. Lay is consulting with some other surgeons to devise the best treatment plan, and then he will have leg surgery in a few weeks. 

We will keep you updated as we learn more about this sweet boy and as we learn more about his surgery.

1/27/22 Update:  I have had another good week in my foster home. I spend all my time with my two foster brothers. We run and play a lot, and I can feel the muscles in my legs getting stronger. We all crowd into the same bed at night. I had a couple of “accidents” in the house, but foster pops says I am doing so much better. 

The best thing is that we had a birthday party for my foster brother. We wore hats and ate cake. I’ve never been to a birthday party before. I hope we have another one soon!

Next week I go back to see my friends at the clinic. I am getting this red thing on my eye fixed and I am having something called a “neuter,” whatever that is. Foster pops says it will help me with my worst habit. I am getting much better, but he still tells me several times a day to get off my foster brother. I don’t know what the big deal is! Then soon after that, I will have some surgery to help straighten my crooked legs. In the meantime I will keep playing and making my legs stronger.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. I will check in on the other side of the surgery and let you know how things are going. Maybe we will have another party!

2/7/22 Update:  Buurrr! What was all that stuff last week? I am only 10 months old and have never seen or felt anything like that. 

Foster Pop put warm clothes on us and my foster siblings and I went out and played a bit. I was glad to come back in and snuggle with my foster brothers. We snuggle a lot. Maybe you saw the pictures or video of us all in the bed together? I sure hope I will have a brother or sister to play with in my forever home.

This is another big week for me. I get my neuter (ouch!) and I also get this big thing taken off my eye. I will be glad when this is over, but I hear I will not be able to run and play like crazy with my brothers for a few days. We will just have to see about that! 

Wish me luck. I will check back next week and let you know how things went. 

2/16/22 Update:  I had my dreaded neuter surgery this week (OUCH!), and I also had my cherry eye fixed. My eye already feels so much better. Wish I could say that about the other area! 

We found out why I snore so loud. My tonsils were huge and infected, so I’m on medicine for that too.

I have to wear an ugly cone part of the time, but I showed them at the vet clinic. I pulled the first one off and chewed it into pieces. 

When Foster Pop crates me so I can rest, I bark a lot. Did you know I can bark for hours? Everyone keeps telling me to chill, but I keep reminding them I am still a puppy and have way too much energy for that chill stuff. 

They put me in this giant ring thing and I scooted it across the room, spilled all my water and made a big mess. 

I guess I will be confined to jail for a few days to let everything heal. No playing with my foster brothers is the worst part of this. But this too shall pass and I can get ready for my leg surgery.

3/18/22 Update:  Bentley continues to do well in his foster home and with his foster siblings. He is still very full of energy, but is doing better at keeping it under control. Thankfully, he has quit chewing everything he can get in his mouth. He turns the “Big One” in four weeks.

Today, he had his last set of radiographs to prepare for his leg surgery. The bones in both front legs look so strange. Imagine taking a wet towel and twisting it to wring out the water. That’s what his leg bones look like. There is a spiral twist to them. It is just the way he developed. We hope, with surgery and rehab, we’ll see a dramatic improvement in the way he stands and walks.

We will keep you updated as his surgery is scheduled and conducted.

4/13/22 Update:  Wow! What an amazing week and it is only Tuesday.

On Sunday, I made a new friend, Angie Diane, who spent two nights at our house. I am not sure if I liked her or her cart more. It did taste good, until Foster Pop fussed at me and made me stop chewing on it.

On Monday, I got the news that surgery on my left leg will be April 21. I can’t wait because it’s been bothering me more lately.

But Tuesday, today, is the most special day. It is my first birthday! I love being surrounded by all my friends and my foster family.

6/21/22 Update:   Bentley continues to chill around the house. He may be the hardest dog ever to potty train, but he is making much more progress of late. He‘s also enjoying longer time in the pool to help build strength in his legs.

He currently has three excellent orthopedic vets consulting on his case. They plan to do surgery at Texas A&M. 

He is the sweetest, most goofy boy we have ever had. He also loves having foster girl Erin around and plays with her for hours.

July 29/22 Update:  Bentley Augustus has good news brewing—but it is not what you think. He has a surgery date! 

Bentley has deformities of both front legs. He has congenital radial head luxation in both elbows. Bones, both above and below his elbows, are also bowed and twisted. Several orthopedic surgeons have been studying his case for months and devising a plan. Tuesday, August 2 is the big day.

The surgery will involve cutting some bones, installing steel plates and repositioning the radial nerve. It will last several hours and there will be 3-4 surgeons involved. He will travel to Victoria, Texas, on Monday for some additional tests and the surgery will take place Tuesday.

In the meantime, he’s enjoying time in his foster home. He especially enjoys playing, and sometimes sleeping, with his foster sister, Erin. They are becoming quite the duo. I am not sure how either one will handle the several weeks of rehab ahead.

He also had a visitor overnight. Foster girl Angie Diane came for a visit and I think they stayed up and discussed all things surgery and rehab.

Please remember Bentley next Tuesday for his surgery and during the several weeks of recovery and rehab.

8/3/22 Update:  Four amazing orthopedic surgeons from across the state have been reviewing Bentley Augustus’s case for months. There have been so many radiographs, scans and computer models done of his legs.

Today, Drs. Don Hulse, Laura Peycke, Chuck Lay and Caleb Hudson met in Victoria to examine Bentley in person, consult one last time, and perform a several hour surgery. They completely remodeled his deformed elbow, removing a substantial amount of bone and cartilage from the outside. They estimate they totally reconstructed one-half of the elbow. They repositioned the bones and installed two plates to keep everything in place. The four surgeons were assisted by four surgical techs.

The initial report is that they were able to do everything as planned and they do not think the surgery could have gone any better. All this will enable him to have a normal functioning (and looking) leg. It should be able to bear his weight as he continues to grow and should be pain-free for him.

Bentley will spend a few days in the vet clinic getting around-the-clock care. After returning to his foster home, he will need a while to recover and we’ll monitor his healing. He will then have some extensive therapy. After all that is done, they will then address the issues with his other leg.

Needless to say, his foster parents have been nervous wrecks, but are feeling much better now.

The cost for this visit will be around $5,300. The follow-up and therapy will be extra.

8/6/22 Update:  Bentley Augustus remains in the clinic in Victoria. They are watching him closely and beginning his rehab, getting him used to walking on his rebuilt leg.

He is doing wonderful, bearing weight on his leg and has minimal swelling. He is very interested in playing and eating. Some things will never change with this boy.

He should return to his foster home in a few days.

8/12/22 Update:  Last week, I made the long trip to Victoria, Texas, for four surgeons to operate on my leg. They say my recovery is going according to plan. 

On Tuesday, my foster pop drove down to pick me up and take me home. It was a long drive, but I slept most of the way. I did bark for a while later wanting out. So we stopped for a potty and water break and we both stretched our legs.

It was so good to be back home and see my foster siblings. I could not believe how excited they were to see me. I felt like a rock star! 

I have a schedule to follow with my medication, exercise and physical therapy for the next several weeks. I kinda love all the extra attention. 

My new leg looks so different, and it makes me want to run and try it out, but I have to stay on a leash for a couple more weeks. They even keep me confined in this tiny ring, but I am determined to escape one day!

When everything is healed up, we will talk about operating on the other leg.