Big Ben

Age: 1 Yr. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $700

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Big Ben

Bulldog friends it’s me Big Ben and today I joined rescue. The reason being is I am looking for my Mother. That’s right, she recently joined rescue. 

The strangest thing happened to me. Seven of my friends and I were headed to Texas and we were just rolling along.  It was wonderful.  We all faced forward and none of us ever looked back. We knew we were headed to freedom and our baby making days were coming to an end.  And then out of nowhere the rescue wagon rolled to a stop and I thought I heard “let’s all get out,” so I hopped right on out. Turns out some did get out, but not my bulldog family.  When the dust settled and I looked around there I sat, the only bulldog looking around. 

Next thing I know I was at a wonderful vet clinic. I lost my loving feeling, and I had eye surgery. The kind of eye surgery that some Desperate Housewives only dream about! Both ends are sore now, but Big Ben doesn’t cry.  

Now, back to my mother. I need her to know I made it. Her name is Pumpkin Spice. When we see one another, it’s going to be a great day indeed!  I am 2 years old now and I am as sweet as can be. I like all the dogs I meet, I love people and today I met some kids. One kid wanted to hug my neck and one kid took off running like the wind.  Good thing I was on a leash because this Big Ben can run like the wind too!  

So bulldog people come see me at Hollywood feed on Sunday 25th in Allen.  I promise you, you are going to love love love me, Big Ben the Beautiful Bulldog!

9/26/22 Update:  Big Ben had so much fun at today’s Bulldog Bonanza at Hollywood Feed! Thanks to everyone for coming out to meet him. Much playing was done, a few new toys made their escape with him, and he hopes he met his furever family!

Now, he’s getting settled in his new foster home and giving the resident puppers a run for their money. This is going to be fun!

9/28/22 Update:  So far, Ben has learned to sit for a treat (with a little butt nudge) and go through the doggy door. 

He’s also learned to forage for his own food in Foster Dad’s garden and discovered he loves green peppers. But jalapenos – not so much! 

Ben’s working on using the doggy door for his business and not just outside shenanigans with about 75% success. Aren’t we all still a work in progress? 

This boy is all puppy, except for the part that is all bully in a china shop! He’s also clumsy, playful, loving and all-around adorable. Have you seen his furever family?