Age: 5 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $600

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


It was one of those days. A day when the rescuer cried right along with the owner. You wanted a do-over.
Bojangles had no idea when he jumped in the SUV that he was taking his last trip with his family. Bojangles was happy to go and happy to get out, but staying in a strange new place was not what he had in mind. Bojangles’ eyes darted from side-to-side and he searched for a familiar face. Trying to make him understand that his life was changing for the best was hard.
Bojangles’ mother had recently had some serious medical problems and major surgeries were in her future. And then after the surgery, she’d have to do months of rehab … and months of not being able to pick up or take Bojangles for a walk.
Bojangles is an active fellow and sitting in a lap is a must. He’s used to weekly baths and trips to the groomer. His fur is soft as silk and his eyes look right through you. He is 5 years old and as sweet as can be.
Bojangles’ mother was surrendering part of her heart today, but she did so because she knows there is a family out there who can love and care for him, just as he deserves.
1/5/21 Update:  Bo is doing great in his foster home. He does what he wants when he wants to do it! Bo can be motivated at the sight of treats, so those are always handy! He does not like to be pulled or tugged, but with a slip-on leash, he will follow you anywhere.
He enjoys the quiet life in his room, so a nice quiet home would be great for him ~ one without small children and other things with fur. He loves to receive lovins and will snuggle on his terms. Bo absolutely loves bath time. I’ve found him in the tub a time or two waiting patently.
2/16/21 Update:  This is as far as I go! No, no, no. I don’t care what you put on me! I’m not going outside. I’ll just hold it until Friday.
Update from Bojangles’ foster momma: Bo has been doing great with following directions and sitting. He’s getting better at not bolting out the door, but today, no matter the treats, he isn’t going outside!
Don’t mind the cardboard. Bo likes the occasional box treat! Sometimes as foster parents, you have to let them enjoy what they enjoy. And Bo likes to destroy boxes from time to time!

3/2/21 Update:   When you’re sexy and you know it! That’s me because Foster Mom says so.

Foster Mom says I’m getting really good at sitting and I’m getting better at listening. Foster Mom also tells me that if I keep working hard, I will find my special person to love someday.
3/8/21 Update:  Bojangles  wanted to let everyone know that he’s been working really hard at being a good boy!
When he first came into his foster home, he didn’t like his foster sisters Norma and Kiwi. He wasn’t aggressive, but he would go after them. Maybe he just didn’t want to share his space. But look at him now!
He’s sitting and taking treats alongside Norma.
Another thing: Bo would constantly try to get loving from the girls. Sometimes to the point that an altercation would take place because he wouldn’t pick up on the ladies’ cues to stop. He also would not listen to Foster Mom when she said no. But all that is changing! He is listening better and when Foster Mom says, “Leave the girls alone,” he is stopping. He may turn around 5 minutes later and try again, but he is stopping when he is told no.
He is a sweet boy that isn’t needy. He likes his room and his own space. When he wants a good booty rub, he will let you know and then he just goes back to his room with his bed and blankets.
3/20/21 Update:  Happy fabulous Saturday! I heard Foster Mom talk about eating some pizza at Campisi’s in Rockwall tomorrow. I’ve never had pizza, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna like it. I’ve been working really hard on my manners, so I hope you come by and see how well I’m doing!
4/3/21 Update:  You may be cool, but you’re not this level of cool. Foster boy Bojangles is ready for a chill weekend.
4/28/21 Update:  If it were up to Bojangles, he would never leave his room! But from time to time he has too. Bo spent the weekend at a nice Pet Resort and he has not moved from his bed since he got home!
5/10/21 Update: When Bo first came into Mays Manor, he was not very affectionate. But boy, have things changed! He loves booty rubs, he loves having his ears rubbed, and he even gives a kiss here and there!

5/27/21 Update:  Bo and Wolf continue to be the perfect gentlemen.

Bo’s perfect furever home will be calm and chill. He is doing a fabulous job learning to tolerate the wild and crazy, but would be happiest in a home by himself or with fur siblings that are as chill as him. He definitely likes his own space.
Wolf is like a ping pong ball that may hit every wall before settling into a spot. Luckily, it doesnt last long. He does have a little issue with his trachea. When he gets over excited, his trachea will cause some breathing issues. I just put him in his kennel until he calms down. He would be happiest as an only pup.

6/18/21 Update: Bojangles is trying to figure out how he is going to protect foster mom from the dishwasher.

Bo is a very funny boy. The dishwasher started and he was seriously trying to find where the noises were coming from so he could attack it! Bo does not like dishwasher noises, engine noises, power tool noises, vacuum noises, or lawn mower noises. Bo feels like these thing were put on earth to harm us, so Bo does his best to protect the ones he loves!
10/6/21 Update:  Bojangles is one of those pups who enjoys his own space. If he is in the mood for a butt scratch, he lets you know. If he is in the mood for a kiss  or a half hug, he lets you know. If he is not in the mood, he let’s you know. Bo doesn’t realize a hug is different than being restrained, so he is out on the big ol’ bear hugs!


He has a room all to himself and he enjoys that room and doesn’t care to share it. He does potty with other pups and has free time with the other pups, but when he is done, he will retreat to his space to have his alone time. He also loves his blankets and beds! I will say he is seeking more and more attention and gives more kisses!