Age: 9 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $400

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Howdy folks, my name is Claudine. My best friend, Brynn, and I joined rescue, and we are glad to be where we are wanted!

You see, someone found us and took us to the shelter. The shelter found out we had microchips so they called our owners. But they never came to get us! So here we are in rescue and everyone loves us.

We are not sisters, but best friends who have lived together a long time. We would like to stay together if possible, but we understand if that can’t happen. 

I am the thin fawn and white one. I am very sweet and love everybody and all dogs I have met. I am in pretty good health for a girl my age—that’s why I don’t mind telling you I am seven. 

Brynn is the all white one and she is a little chunky compared to me. She has some problems with one of her eyes, but the people at the clinic say they will have it better in no time. Brynn is also very sweet and loves everyone. She may be a little more playful than I am. She is also seven.

We we are just going to sit back, relax and enjoy a little gal’s time together. Once everything is checked out and fixed, we will be off to our foster home, and then our forever home in no time. Wouldn’t you love to have both of us at your house?

8/2/19 Update:  Hello everyone, Claudine here with an update. I’ve been at my new foster home for a couple of days now and things are going really well. I have a new nickname, they call me Dini for short and I think it suits me fine. I’m here with former foster Tory Burch and another fur brother and they are each showing me the ropes. 

I am just as sweet as can be, I get along with everyone I have met, and the dogs as well. I have some stiffness in my legs but I don’t let that stop me. We’ve been hanging out watching tv and grilling steaks- I don’t have any complaints!!

8/15/19 Update:   Hey everyone, Claudine (Dini) here. Sorry I missed the party on Saturday. Sure looks like it was a great event.

Well, I have found my calling… as a lifeguard. I love to sit and stare at the pool for as long as I can, and if you are swimming, I will jump in and try to rescue you. Needless to say, I am the one that keeps getting rescued… I didn’t say I was a good swimmer, just a good guard. Foster mom and dad have started putting me in the house when they swim because I have been way too eager to join in the fun.

I am settling in really well. I pretty much know where and when to do my business, but sometimes that means that I have to wake the foster parents up at 2 a.m. They tell me they would rather get a wake-up call than a smelly surprise in the morning.

What’s that you just said? Oh, you’ll have to speak up. You see, if you are calling me, you really need to be in my field of vision because I am hard of hearing. And not just a stubborn Bulldog selective hearing either. I had some bad ear infections in the past, and I want to listen intently, but if I’m not coming when you call, please don’t take it personally. I usually just follow my other fur siblings when they are called, and I haven’t missed a meal yet:.)

8/26/19 Update:  Hello everyone!  Claudine here, checking in. I hope everyone had as good of a week as I did. I got to spend a few days at the spa at Dr Larsen’s and, boy, do I feel so much better.  All of the pollen in the air was playing havoc on my skin and I was very itchy.  After a couple of fancy baths, I am so relieved and more comfortable.  I am home at my foster family’s home and they keep telling me how much happier I look. They keep saying that my personality is really showing through, now that I am not so preoccupied with my skin.  

I love feeding time, sometimes I get so excited that I bark with excitement over the cuisine being served. I’m not picky, any treat will do.:)  There is some meat stew in the slow cooker, and every time foster mom gives it a stir, I make sure I am front and center, just in case she drops anything…but she never has, yet! That is me in the kitchen dreaming of some tasty treats.

I have made piece with the Roomba (you know, those crazy robot vacuums). I didn’t like it at first, but now I just let it do it’s job and sleep right through the cleaning cycle. In my day, we didn’t have any of those newfangled machines, lol!

That is all for now- see y’all soon, Claudine

9/10/19 Update:  I am so excited, I just got a new toy! I love it and I’ve been playing with it for over an hour and, boy, am I happy. It really is just the little things in life that can make your whole day. Foster Mom had a friend visit this weekend and she was so loving. I got extra rubs and pets. I hope we have more visitors soon. I am really warming up to everyone and am liking being stroked and petted more and more. I sure home my forever family likes giving rubs. Take care… I have a toy that needs my attention!  Claudine

10/1/19 Update:  Here we go again!!   Dianne brought this great Bullie to my house and said “Here she is.”  Claudine or Baby Girl as I call her took over.

She doesn’t bark much but can out chortle any dog. She is deaf and has eye sight problems as well as being arthritic but gets around great. She is never far from me. Baby Girl lies under my computer when I am working at home and where ever else in the house we are other times.

Baby Girl is doing pretty good at the house breaking thing, although doesn’t understand what the big deal is. She loves going to Lauren’s house for doggy day care and hangs with Lauren’s Dane, Butters.  They take their afternoon nape on the couch together. Loves her toys but is death to all balls, no matter what size they are.

Mostly she is loose in my bedroom at night sleeping near me and sometimes in her crate.  She goes in her crate when I go to work and back in it if she gets home before I do. I talked to her all of the time and looks at me like I am insane. Treats are common place and demanded at times.

She is in charge and has brought love into both our lives.

11/3/19 Update:  Brynn has welcomed her past, present, and perhaps future fur faux sista from a different mista. Claudine has moved into da hood Chez Maison Ménard BBnB. They are the same age, BFFs, and homies once again. To celebrate and memorialize the event, we brought in a dog whisperer to witness these two being reunited. Below is an unedited transcript of their first meeting. No cameras or cell phones were permitted in the secure interview “facility.”

Brynn (white fur): Claudine, I am sooo thrilled to see you again. I thought you were lost forever.

Claudine (brown fur): Me too. And I have a new nickname that foster mom gave me, Chloe, like the hot Kardashian. So, tell me about this place.

Brynn: You hit the jackpot, sista. We all have a personal chef, a nurse, a maintenance man, security, comfy beds everywhere, and caring bipeds.

Claudine: You look well fed. Good thing that bikini season has passed. Tell me about the food.

Brynn: You look like you have had a good season at the plate yourself! The dining fare here is amazing. We enjoy an entrée, real meat or fish du jour at both meals and Bulldog Happy Hour (BHH) every day. For low energy Bulldogs like us, the galley staff brings the appetizers to us. We get meat, cheese, even sweet morsels placed on your tongue. Imagine that! There are benefits to being a loving lazy lady senior. Also every serving is finished with a warm sauce of broth and pumpkin poured over our dinner bowls.

Claudine: Wow, sounds great, but wassup wid dese udda Bulldogs here?

Brynn: No worries, all is copacetic. The queen is a permanent resident and a benevolent camp canine commander and the others are foster pups, like us. The queen demands peace and serenity, so she has tossed out a trouble maker or two on their doggy butts faster than a double dribble by Basketball Jones. We all get along and form our own dog pack. You will gain acceptance in no time.

Claudine: Well, good behavior and manners are no problems for the two of us. What is the love sichiation?

Brynn: Love is in the air here. We are cherished as family members so that we are fully ready to be happy adoptees when the right furever family finds us. Any adoptive family must meet or exceed the standards to which we have become accustomed.

Claudine: What about fun. What do you do in your spare time and on your day off?

Brynn: Listen up, girlfriend. At our age and health, we are more interested in peace and happiness, security and care, and of course, five star meals in the main Bulldog dining salon. When young ‘uns visit here, they run around, tear up the place, tip over the trash, yadda, yadda. Foster Dad plays ball, tug-o-war, and other games with them. Some chew on shoes, furniture and engage in other naughty antics. We have already been there, done that and bought the T-shirt so now we can just lollygag around and enjoy life. What do you say we chew on some Benebones?

Claudine: Psst, can I share a secret? I heard that one foster family recently had two Bulldogs at their BBnB adopted by the same furever family. Dare we dream that it could happen to us? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Brynn: Well, we are both easy and wonderful dogs. We always do our business outside, follow house rules, and bring joy to everyone, fur and skin persuasion. We would be double the pleasure!

Claudine: All that is true, but some people pass on Bulldogs like us because we are 7 years old. On another paw, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue has many folks who treasure our ilk.

Brynn: Let’s put all this bother aside for the moment and get reacquainted. What do you say that we relax this weekend and enjoy a spa day next week? I know a place thar we can go where the groomers love us and foster dad pays them in cookies and sweets. He purloins some of that pastry and it finds its way to the dessert cart that comes by at some BHH.

Claudine: Pastry and a spa day? I am all in for that, girlfriend. Also, I heard about the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue Canine Chorale. How can I become a member? I have vocal talent.

Brynn: You betcha. The music director is a softie and encourages all of us, even those with squeaky or deep woofs. Ride with me to practice tonight and I will teach you the lyrics and melodies en route.

Claudine: Thanks, sista. This is gonna be just like old times. Glad to be here.

11/15/19 Update:  Dear Santa Paws,  My faux fur-sister, Brynn, showed me her letter to you. She wants to mail it! Picture her trying to lick a postage stamp and pressing in onto an envelope. It would stick to her paw and the letter would never reach you. I told her, “Wassup witchu, girlfriend?” Get into this century. We hip Bulldogs now send emails to Santa Paws.

I agree with all of her loving sentiments. Indeed, all I too want for Christmas is a loving fur-ever family. Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue has been our savior. We are happy and ready to bless our furever families with love and happiness for a lifetime.

I have been an almost very good girl. Recent frequent moves have upset my sense of tranquility but my good nature shines through every tribulation. I am not needy, so I do not demand affection or attention. You need not constantly entertain me, but I would like a bit more personal attention than I can get here. I want to be a faithful companion that is welcomed when I jump up on the sofa to snuggle with you. May I enjoy the autumn of my years and share our blessings together, making my family happy and bringing love into their hearts and home.

Brynn and I must leave for choir practice soon. We are wearing elf costumes tonight and will email you pictures, “Elfies,” so to speak. Get it? Little canine comedy there. I have been working on my routine so that I can be the opening act at the Canine Chorale concert. Stop me if you have heard these before and please “paws” your applause.

What is the difference between reindeer and caribou? Reindeer can fly. If athletes get athlete’s foot , what do astronauts get? Missile toe! Why can’t Santa say “Ho, Ho, Ho” anymore? What? Hey, I am getting the hook, being told I cannot say that one. Is this thing on?

You are busy at this holiday year end so I will let you get back to work. I know that you will not forget me. That is all I want for Christmas, Santa Paws. Love,  Claudine

11/20/19 Update:  Miss Claudine with Christmas cheer to spare.  Next week, I start my holiday vacation at my new time share. Among my blessings is the good fortune for LSBCR finding me. We rescued Bullies are so thankful for our good fortune and equally hopeful for our fur ever futures, especially at this time of year.

I attended the Grub Burger Bar event last weekend.  What do you think of my ascot finery and its subliminal message?  I and faux sister Brynn worked together and wowed the crowd!  Thanks to Shannon for caring about us.

Brynn and I are kith, not kin, but a bonded pair nonetheless. We two Bullies would like to stay together, if possible. If not, we understand. We were so happy to be reunited and trust LSBCR’s judgment.

I have enjoyed my early days in Rescue, the Doc shop, and my sojourn Chez Maison Ménard BBnB, but it is time to move on.  Everyone has handled their tasks beautifully and with loving care. It is time to share blessings with others.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all.

12/31/19 Update:  What a tale of adventure over the past five weeks have I to impart. My foster peeps “abandoned” me for some place called South America. We Bulldogs are not too good with geography. We know what home is but don’t much care after that. Thankfully, I was able to accompany the resident queen at her vacation time share. I hear that the time share folks were the queen’s original foster parents.

Did you know I’m kid-friendly? I love the littles. I also can serve double duty as chief hygienist by vacuuming up their food tidbits on the floor.

Do you want a gem in your home? I am available and eager to bring and enjoy blessings in your home. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

2/8/20 Update:  To wax philosophical, times change and so do priorities. Upon reflection, I have decided to forsake my comfortable retirement in order take a full-time job caring for my little sis and BFF, Brynn. She is feeling a bit lethargic, so I spend my days and nights with her, literally. We hang out on the same bed, in the same open crate, or in foster dad’s office all day long. At night, we each take a comfy bed in the doggy dormitory, but when the lights go down, one of us snuggles over to the other’s bed.

Little sis isn’t in pain and eats well. She is even gaining weight again. But being my lifelong companion, I know she is not herself. We are an inseparable team, so I am glad she is here with me. I support her in canine causes. She may have been diagnosed as hospice, but all the fur and skin creatures here are determined to buoy her health and life prospects.

Our dogtor adjusted her meds and she eats yummy puppy food mixed with wet food.

Here is my prayer for everyone, expressed in popular culture – “Don’t stop believing.” I think she will be here forever!

2/17/20 Update:  Life here at this BBnB moves on in an idyllic rhythm. All y’all know that I have come out of retirement to take care of my lil’ sis and BFF. We are inseparable these days and I am proud to be her guardian. I am not her protector, as we have no dangers here. I am more of her comfort dog and proud to be so. You peeps are not the only ones with noble motivations. You bipeds could learn from us!

After each meal, Miss Brynn and I bunk out together in the same open crate to digest our alimentations. We thrive on each other’s body warmth. She sleeps most of the time, but I stay alert in case Bulldog Happy Hour breaks out. What Bulldog wants to miss out on fresh fruit, sweets, or carved meat appetizers? Foster Dad puts the treats on her tongue because she has limitations, but the rest of us jump at the tossed offerings.

Our motto at this BBnB is calm happiness. That quality makes us the sweet pups of our reputation. If you ever looked up “Contentment” in your “Bulldog to Biped” dictionary, there you’ll find me. It is I, in the open crate, just chillin’ because I got no worries. When you are ready for a wonderful Bulldog, take the advice of the Supremes and “Come See About Me.”

3/22/20 Update: Everyone is inundated by COVID-19 notifications. Foster Dad even got one from QuickBooks, and contact is totally virtual. You bipeds are doggone nuts! Brynn and I have collaborated to create our own for this BBnB.

The bar is closed until further notice, no delivery or walk up. The restaurant and dining room will stay open for only Bipeds and Bulldogs. Occupancy is limited to six fur and two skin residents. Invitations are required if you do not bunk out here; BYOBowls. Bulldog Happy Hour (BHH) will continue. Thank goodness my BFF and I can still loll around the pool. The barrista with “tapas and bebidas refrescantes” must have called in sick. Fur residents need not stay apart. Checking, cleaning and polishing of others’ bowls at mealtime is still permitted. No temperatures taken here because peeps do not have an oral doggy thermometer and the other end is exit only so don’t even think about it. Dining service at this BBnB is limited to eat-in only, no carry out, and absolutely no drive-through. No doggy bags allowed, so we must finish our meals (as if).

What is this social distancing jazz? We Bulldogs are social, but not at a distance. Brynn and I like to hold paws as we guard Foster Dad in the kitchen. Notice our concentration. We serve double duty. If he drops anything, we quickly change roles and become the cleanup crew.

Here is the deal with adoption. Brynn and I go together. Either one of us would fare poorly without the other. Many of our photos are of us together because this is how we live our days and nights. We know that it will take special hearts to give us senior gals a home. Your rewards will be Divinely inspired.

6/8/20 Update:  We want to report a major change in our nutrition tastings. Foster Dad must have had an epiphany. Instead of his usual haute cuisine servings, he gave us mac-n-cheese in our bowls. And not his usual chef quality, but the low-brow Kroger variety.

Yes, we dined on mushy pasty elbows and over-salted Velveeta fake cheese and it was “FABOLOUS!” The bacon bits added texture, but our interest was not in presentation. We did not know he knew about this menu choice. Uhm-uhm good.

After the repast, we headed to the she shed for digestion and relaxation. Usually, we are joint tenants, but tonight, we are alternate tenants. We are ever secure in our camaraderie. This security buoys us both. We are the epitome of happy dogs.

10/25/21 Update:  Miss Claudine continues to enjoy life. Since she lost her lifelong BFF Miss Brynn this spring, she has noticeably deteriorated.  Fortunately, she has buddied up with our latest foster, Miss Nikki Marie. Here they are sharing a common she shed as they do from time to time. This one is located just three yards from the dining salon.

Claudine’s arthritis has advanced such that she can only hobble from the doggy dormitory to the main Bullie dining salon in the AM and back in the PM. Fortunately, she finds she sheds, day beds, and choice of comfy beds to spend her days.  Since all she does between meals is sleep, except for frequent pee breaks, life is good. Her pain is managed by meds but it hurts us to see her so lame.

She is also nearly blind and rather demented. We must escort her on leash for every outside trip because she becomes so disoriented that she cannot find her way back to the door only 25 feet away.

She is as incontinent as all get out. Doc has maxed out the Proin dosage. More than half of the nights, she will hold her pee if I take her out before 6 AM. Otherwise, she pees a torrent on the pads in the doggy dormitory, or the tile floors in the hall or kitchen. Thank God for impermeable floors.

She visits the groomer twice per month, along with all of our others, for medicated baths to control skin/coast lesions. The Entederm does not work as well. Our groomer charges us 25% of the rate, so we bring them food. They cannot hire help and have a teenage son who wants to eat while his parents work!

See Claudine pictured in her chariot.  We bought this years ago to escort our vintage ladies.

As long as she lives to eat, sleep, and be happy, we cherish her presence.