Copper Penny

Age: 4 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $600.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

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Copper Penny

I climbed in the rescue wagon today… last, but not least!
Early this morning, I heard some whispering that some of my roommates were leaving home and they didn’t want to take me. Can you believe that? It’s true.
I recently had babies, but they now have teeth, and I am so over babies. For some reason, my three friends thought I should stay behind and just stare at the babies. Nope, I’m done staring at them.
I’m ready to be a couch potato and my mom was ready for me to go, too. Last night, I ate a cord on the heater, and she was one mad mother. Last week, it was the sheetrock. I just thought I would taste some different things. Neither things I tried to eat were particularly good, but I remember someone said, “Try it. You might like it.”
My mom didn’t shed one tear when I jumped in the rescue wagon, but that’s OK. I know she will miss me and every time she sees the hole in the sheetrock, she is going to say to herself, “Copper Penny, thank God you are loving life, but not with me!”
4/13/21 Update:  Copper Penny has been in her foster home since Wednesday and has a few challenges to overcome, but is an absolute sweetheart. That underbite and face of hers go straight to your heart, plus just make you laugh. 🙂

At first, she wasn’t sure about about the food being served, but has decided she really loves it, especially with a little boiled chicken added!
She claimed her crate right off the bat and that’s where she likes to stay. She’ll go out with the other dogs, but likes to come right back in. She will check out the dog beds and head to her crate.
Copper Penny is still trying to get the hang of going potty outside. We go out often, but she still has accidents in her crate, especially at night. But darn, she is so cute, we’ll just keep working on it!
For the most part, she gets along with the other dogs in the house, but we are taking this slow. I have five, so it can be a little intimidating, but she does fine with them in the yard.
She is frisky in the mornings and is starting to play a little. And she absolutely loves to get pets and snuggles!