Age: 10 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $400.00 (Plus Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


If age is only a number, then I find it strange that when I turned the magical double digits, I had to go.
My family said I was going on a trip… and then they dropped me off at the local shelter. I was excited to get to take a ride in the car, but not so excited when they told the shelter staff they were moving, and I could not go with them. After all, if they knew they were going to dump me, they could have at least given me a bath. They could have cleaned my ears, washed my face and tried to make me look like I was loved, at least once upon a time.
Not only do I have blood in my urine, I have blood in my poop. Am I going to live forever? Nope. But today, I am NOT going to die on a concrete shelter floor with no one wanting me.
When it is my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge, someone will hold my paw and I won’t die alone.
My name is Darla, I’m 10 years old and once upon a time, a long time ago… I had a loving home.
6/7/21 Update:  Darla, here, with my first real update. I needed a minute to get settled before checking in with everyone. 

I have made huge strides since I first arrived at rescue and then to my foster home. My stomach was in a world of turmoil in the beginning and foster mom could hear it from across the room! I also was as stubborn as a mule about eating even though I needed to…. foster dad started cooking for me because he was worried.   I think foster mom was rightfully envious of me as foster dad doesn’t cook that much!! How special and loved I felt!

I’m pleased to report, I have turned a corner! My stomach has settled and I will officially eat kibble, though foster mom still laces it with some special treats just to make sure I’ll eat it. It turns out, I actually love food in spite of my small frame of 37 lbs. This makes everyone in the house happy!  

I can’t hear at all, but that’s OK. I can still see you coming and will reward you with a tail wag if I feel like it. I am a sweet girl and have a real pep in my step when I walk. I may be 10, but I walk better than all the other pups in this house. I bounce right along side foster mom on trips to the mailbox.

I also get along great with the aforementioned other pups in tHis house. I even share my bed sometimes.

That’s all for now but please enjoy the few pics I’ve attached as I enjoy this new “leash” on life!