Age: 1 Yr. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $700.00 (Plus Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Pardon me if I am a little sad today, but my family recently surrendered me to a shelter. They said with a toddler and another baby on the way, they could not take proper care of me or pay the vet to take care of my needs.
The shelter folks were so nice to me. They loved on me and hugged me for hours. Then the rescue folks showed up and my sadness all went away! The man promised me I would be loved like never before and I would want for nothing. He said I will see a vet anytime I needed. WOW! I really need one too.
I can’t wait to talk to Dr. Larsen about this thing on my back foot. It’s really big and scary. I also want to talk with her about my weight. I am just over a year old and I only weigh 22 pounds. There is a puppy where I am staying that weighs more than I do! I am very sweet and still have lots of puppy energy.
Once I get a full exam, my blood tests, my neuter and this growth removed, I will really be ready for my new life.
The future is really beginning to look up for me.

6/13/21 Update:  Dobie feels so much better today. He is really giving out the love. Doc thinks she can remove the growth fairly easily. It doesn’t feel attached to bone or ligaments, but they will X-ray it first. It’s evident his ears have been bitten by flies, but his heart sounds good. We’re starting him on Fortiflora and Hill’s Digestive Care because his stomach has been an absolute mess the past few days.

6/15/21 Update: The large mass on his foot is more dense than expected, but it doesn’t look like it is attached to the bone. Doc hopes the surgery will be pretty routine, but she never knows for sure until she gets in there. She also will send it off for pathology afterward. The good news so far is his bloodwork was good and he has no heart worms or parasites.

6/22/21 Update: Today, we were able to neuter foster boy Dobie and remove the massive growth on his foot. Doc believes it was a complete success. There were more vessels in the growth than expected, but they were able to completely close the incision and save the entire pad. Thank you for allowing us to care for him!

7/8/21 Update:  Dobie dog here and I moved into my foster home a couple of days ago.  I have fur brothers and sisters who are teaching me the ropes of being in a family.

Foster dad says I have two speeds, full throttle and stop. Not sure what that means but I get so excited I just want to be everywhere, sniffing everything.  This is all so new to me.

Foster dad took me outside and was throwing the ball and was teaching me to fetch. We only played for a couple of minutes because it was so hot.  You know us bully’s don’t care for the heat much.

Foster dad is also working with me on my food aggression and I am learning to take treats out of his hand with out taking his hand off.  He’s happy about that.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Off to take a nap. 

7/12/21 Update:  I have discovered a whole new big backyard to run and play in at my foster home. My favorite spot is on the outside sofa. I can lay down and get comfy, but also keep an eye on things.

Foster Dad says I have calmed down some and we have been working on my jumping. I’m getting good about not jumping up on people and he is also working with me on my food aggression. I’m beginning to realize food, water and treats are plentiful here, so I can relax a bit.
We also have been working on my outdoor potty skills. Seems I like to bark when I need to go out and so far, I’ve had no accidents in the house.
Well, it’s play time so I need to go. Maybe I’ll get a treat too.
7/20/21 Update:  I’ve been here two weeks and have started feeling more comfortable with the resident dogs. They are quick to teach me about my place and give me direction on what I can and cannot do.

Foster Dad says I am a quick learner and so far, I’ve only had one accident in the house. In my defense, I was standing in front of the door, no one opened it and I had to go! 

I get along well with kids, although really small kids may find me a bit too rough when I play. Foster Mom and Dad are working with me on that. When I don’t get what I want, I am very vocal and mouthy… again, Foster Mom and Dad are working with me. Remember, I am just a puppy, so I need to learn some manners. The neighbor kids love me and the neighbor’s dog and I like to run around together.

I’m looking for a furever home where I can get lots of exercise and lots of lap time. I loooovvveeee lap time.  As I said, I am good with other dogs and kids. I love people and enjoy going for walks. Not sure about the cat creatures, as I’ve never seen one. 

Well, that’s about all for now. I need to start looking through the applications for my forever family.