Hot Lips

Age: 18 Months

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $700

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Hot Lips

Hello everyone, today is my celebration day! Today I celebrate being free from the back yard, from people who didn’t want me and from the life I used to live.  

I always heard that dogs were a man’s best friend.  Not so sure I believe that. I don’t really feel like I was anyone’s best friend. My family took me to the local shelter and filled out a “personality profile.”  They said I liked the back yard, I am playful, I cry in a cage, and I am afraid of thunderstorms, loud noises, and men. They said I was 1 year and 6 months, did not have any medical records, and I didn’t have a name. I ask you “Who does not have a name?”  

As you can see from my photo’s I have some skin problems, missing some hair here and there but I am cute as can be!  My friends at the shelter gave me a medicated bath, gave me something for fleas and kissed me on my face and told me “just wait, soon you will be out of here and headed to rescue. You will have all your medical problems addressed and the next time we see you you will be adopted and living the life you always should have lived.  

I named myself Hot Lips, and one day soon I will be looking for a forever family that will absolutely love me!

8/9/21 Update:  I really like it here in my foster home, but the resident dog doesn’t like to play much because he’s older. I am great at playing fetch in slow motion and dropping the toy and giving it back to Foster Mom. 

I have almost mastered potty training and alerting my foster parents when I have to go out. I love to go on walks, but it can’t be too hot and I don’t like it when other dogs bark at me. After all, I’m just trying to get some exercise to keep my girlish figure! I do not like loud noises and am quick to want to protect my home. 

I’m not a big fan of sleeping in my crate, but boy, do I love a good sofa! I tend to feel anxious in my crate, so Foster Mom and Dad have to console me to sleep. Let me tell you: I sure do love a good nap! 

I love my Foster Dad and I’m super sweet to him and Foster Mom. I am a big cuddle bug and love to sleep on the couch while Foster Mom works. I am such a sweet girl and cannot wait to find my forever home!

8/12/21 Update:  Hot Lips is starting to settle into her foster home. She LOVES going on walks and is very adventurous. She got to take a trip to Lowe’s for the first time and was the star of the store! She is a very sweet and loving companion and will be your best friend. She has the cutest little nubbin’ for a tail that will just start wiggling with joy as soon as she’s happy. If your home offers a sofa and lots of love, Hot Lips may be the girl for you!

8/19/21 Update:  Hot Lips is doing wonderful with crate training. She is a very active girl and loves to be with her humans. She even responds well when Foster Mom tells her she can’t chew on her high heels. Her new favorite pastime is digging all her toys out of her toy box and playing with all of them. Her Foster Mimi sent her a big bag of goodies and she can’t get enough. She is a great cuddle buddy and seems to do well with most people. We are still working on her table manners/begging because this girl certainly loves to eat! Her new favorite treat is flavored with eggs, bacon and cheese! After all, it is the breakfast of champions! 

She can’t wait to find her loving forever home!

8/24/21 Update:  I am so ready for this Texas heat to go away and come again some other day! I love to go on walks and boy, does this heat just cramp my style. 

I am such a snuggle bug and would love a home with someone who can spend a lot of time with me. 

I am starting to gain a little happy weight because I’m eatin’ good, let me tell you! 

I am fully crate trained and Foster Mom and Dad say they are soooo proud of me for it! I am also fully potty trained, which is great news for my forever family.

My favorite toy is a stuffed bumble bee, so my Foster Mom got me a matching bandana in honor of it. 

I look forward to meeting you and get a chance to find my forever home.

9/2/21 Update:  Hot Lips is the ultimate couch potato! And don’t let her calm sweetness fool you. She can be a ball of energy! We are working on her manners of not jumping on others and not barking at other dogs on walks. Her little ears often resemble “pigtails” when we tell her no and it’s the cutest thing ever. She loves car rides and is very schedule-oriented. Who needs alarm clocks when you have Hot Lips in the house?

9/5/21 Update:  Hot Lips loves to go on car rides every evening. There is no better feeling than the wind in her ears!

9/21/21 Update:  Hot Lips is living her best life full of car rides and walks. She is the best car rider in the whole world! 

We are still working on her jumping manners and barking at other dogs on the leash. She is learning to be a little more gentle, as she can sometimes be a bull in a china shop. LOL 

She loves her twice daily walks and would thrive with a family that is home a lot to give her a lot of attention and daily walks. 

She isn’t a big fan of the crate and loves to be out and about amongst her favorite humans. She is a very sweet girl full of energy and lots of love to give!

10/6/21 Update:  Hot Lips has officially taken over the couch. Don’t let the nap time fool you… this girl has A LOT of energy and loves to play! 

She takes some time warming up to new dogs, as she can be a bit rambunctious and barks, but once she warms up to them; play time is on! 

She would thrive with a family as an only pet. That way, she could get lots of love and quality time.

11/18/21 Update:   Hot Lips loves bonding time with her resident brother! She is so loving and sweet to him. She would do wonderfully at a home with a similar type of dog that is very docile or as an only dog. 

12/7/21 Update:  After a few months of Hot Lips being in her foster home, her  foster mom and dad have finally figured out the perfect sleeping arrangement! 

Hot Lips is not a huge fan of the kennel. When she was first brought in, we kept her kennel in a different room at night and she would wake up around 4 or 5 a.m. every day. We discovered that when we moved her kennel into our room, she didn’t  seem to hate it as much and she will sleep all through the night, until about 7 or 8 a.m.! 

We are so proud of her and we just love her to death. She is such a sweet little girl! She is also sporting her new Christmas sweater from Foster Mimi!

12/21/21 Update:  Hot Lips is over the moon and so excited about her goody bag from the volunteer party! She loves dunking her head in the bag and pulling out all the goodies. This lovable girl is off to a wonderful start to Christmas! Thank you to all the donors who helped make the holidays more special for our foster dogs, like Hot Lips.

12/29/21 Update:  Hot Lips had a wonderful Christmas with her foster family! She loves helping to unwrap presents and playing with all her gifts! She is taking full advantage of all the snuggles from her foster daddy and foster brother over the holidays. This girl sure is a Christmas angel!

1/21/22 Update:   Hot Lips is as spoiled as ever in her foster home! As long as this girl has plenty of love and attention, she is one happy Bulldog.

1/25/22 Update:   Hot Lips has officially mastered the ‘Sit’ command and we are so very proud of her! She still needs a little work on her jumping when she gets excited, but we have high hopes that she will be mastering that soon.

2/16/22 Update:  Our foster valentine is obsessed with car rides! Any time we say, “Wanna go for a ride,” she does her famous spin move! Any future adoptees must be willing to take her for daily car rides! LOL

Hot Lips is such a lovable ball of energy and loves being with her pack. She would thrive in a home as an only “child” with someone who works from home. She is not a big fan of the kennel for long periods of time and always wants to be near her humans.  Happy Valentine’s Day from Hot Lips!

2/28/22 Update:  Hot Lips is spoiled as ever by her foster parents. This girl cannot get enough toys or love. We have been working with the rescue trainer and she is doing a great job with learning tasks. She is responding very well to her recall word and is learning to keep all four paws on the ground. We are so proud of this sweet girl! Plus, she loves her reward cheese stick bites!

3/7/22 Update:   Sweet Hot Lips has the cutest obsession with pillows. This girl loves a good pillow and will claim any free one she sees! Foster Mom even got her one for her kennel and it helps her sleep through the night.

3/22/22 Update:  Hot Lips got a fresh bath and nail trim. She’s feeling very beautiful with her new scarf. This sweet girl sure does love baths and she was very well behaved for the groomer!

4/5/22 Update:  Hot Lips is doing fantastic in her foster home! She still loves her car rides and is doing wonderfully with her training. 

We keep her kennel in our room with the door open overnight. She does such a great job sleeping in there and will alert us if she needs to go potty. You can’t ask for a cuter alarm clock! 

We also allow her to stay out in the house while we are gone. We keep our other Bulldog separated in his room for safe measure, but she has never had any issues. 

She is fully potty trained and won’t chew up anything that isn’t her toy. 

We are so very proud of this sweet girl! She sure does love human cuddles and does her best if she can be with someone most of the day. She is the best work-from-home buddy!

4/29/22 Update:  Hot Lips is being so helpful with Foster Mom and Dad, as they get ready to welcome a new baby into the family. She really took an interest in the prepared childbirth class and had all eyes and ears on deck!