Jessie Lynn

Age: 6 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $500

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Jessie Lynn

We are never sure where life will take us. Many ended up bankrupt, or homeless, or all alone, when they never thought such would or could happen to them. The same thing happens to pets. They wake up one day and they are in the shelter and wonder how all this happened!

Jessie Lynn was found hanging out in a local shelter in need of a rescue, and we were more than happy to help out. She is 3 or 4 years old, house trained, dog friendly and child friendly. She is having some badder issues that we assume are the result of a UTI. She is off to the vet for a thorough exam and will be ready for a foster very soon. 

4/12/18 Update:  Hello everyone I’m Jessie Lynn, I am a playful young girl that wants to find my furever home.  I would appreciate an active family with a big back yard please.  It’s been great coming into an active foster home.  There are so many others to play with here.  I get lonely and don’t care much for my crate.  I know when it’s time to go outside and eat 🙂  I have been taking chewables to get my bladder issue under control.  I don’t mind taking them and so far so good.  I am a bit of a ham and love to photo bomb.  This is definitely my playful side coming out.  As you can see, I LOVE THE CAMERA AND THE CAMERA LOVES ME!

5/12/18 Update:  I think my bladder issue is nearly resolved! It’s a long process of taking chewables, but so worth it. I love playing around with my new foster brothers and sisters. I am gentle with them and I figured out how to meet new ones that come in the home. I play hard and sleep even harder… LOL

I look like a tiger Bulldog, if that makes any sense. Chasing down tennis balls is my specialty. No matter how far you throw them, I can get it. Seems like I am a bionic Bulldog. I don’t drool, nor snore, go figure!  I love to be rubbed, and am working on not trying to climb up everything. Luckily, I am a tall girl so I can see atop tables and counters. Not so lucky are you if you might happen to leave food there. Foster pops laughs at me because I get startled easily when you catch me. I’m not Houdini yet, but working on getting all the food without being caught. Please share my story so I can get my furever home.

6/29/18 Update:  I have been doing good, thank you. What about everyone else? It seems to me I have been passed over a few times due to an uncontrollable issue with my bladder. I am a really sweet girl that craves to be loved. I am sorry that I have a leaking issue. I am potty trained and will go outside to do my business. Unfortunately, my badder just never has had a “completely off” switch. My foster parents even bought me some doggie diapers. It allows me to be social around the house and even get on the couch with them. I know my future family will love me unconditionally. I love the outside time because I am free to run around and play fetch. If you are lookin’ for a brindle beauty, here I am!

9/4/18 Update:  I am optimistic the right family is going to rescue me. Having an active family would be great. My foster mom has started taking me on short runs. I’m not the typical short-legged pup. My legs are long and I LOVE to run and sprint. I have a beautiful brindle coat. I enjoy playing in the pool and taking baths. I would make the perfect companion to anyone. Please help me find the perfect family by sharing my story.

12/1/18 Update:  I have been in rescue some time now. My foster parents have told me to be patient because they know the right family will adore me. As you can see, I’m not the typical looking Bulldog… I have longer, beautiful lines and I would love a big yard in which to play. I just want my own family for Christmas and have already mailed my letter to Santa. I love to go on small runs and tennis balls are my favorite toys. I hope you like my skirt because I sure do.

2/10/19 Update:  I have enjoyed the new year so far. With all the excitement of the holidays past us, I have found my new passion. It’s called Benebones. They are so yummy and very low cal. But I really don’t have to worry about my figure. I have a slim athletic build. I can chase down tennis balls for 10+ minutes easily. I can tell that 2019 will be my year. That missing puzzle piece in your family has my name written all over it. I am great with kids and company. Oh, and don’t tell my foster pops, but I love him. 😍 He makes sure I get our time when he gets home from work. With so many other foster pups here, it means the world to me. Please share my story and hopefully I can get a meet-and-greet real soon!

5/10 19 Update:  Hello, all of you beautiful people. This is Jessie Lynn giving y’all an update. I’ve been in rescue a while now. I’m still searching for my furever home. Luckily, I have these two foster parents that give me lots of love. Plus, the love and understanding about my bladder. I’m a sweet girl who looks a little “different” than the other Bulldogs… I love to run with my foster mom and stretch out these long, beautiful legs. I get along with all my fur brothers and sisters. We play outside and have a blast. My favorite past time is my Benebone ~ just laying on the floor and going to town on it. Well, just wanted to say hi and remind y’all to not forget about this brindle goddess! Put your app in, ya hear, and maybe you’ll get matched to me!  Love, Jessie Lynn

3/30/20 Update:  I love to lounge outside and have been working on my social skills. As you can see, once I get use to other animals I am fine. It just takes me a long time and a family with patience. For some reason during meet-and-greets, I have my walls up. I have been in rescue so long I have forgotten when I entered. Please help me find a family. I love to run, jump, and play fetch. I would just love to do all that with a furever family I could call my own. Not giving up hope, 🐾Jessie Lynn🐾

6/8/20 Update:   Jessie seems to be loving the warmer weather. She loves to play fetch and then come inside and find her favorite spot on the couch. This girl is so sweet and gentle. Foster Mom has worked with her diligently on her behavior. Jessie just wants her own family to call her own. Maybe you’re her perfect match?

1/15/21 Update:  I am just chilling in my foster home, waiting on foster mom to let me leave my room and meet the rest of the gang. She calls it “decompression” and I don’t mind. I like my room with my own people bed and all the things I need. And foster dad walks me and plays with me all the time.

The foster parents say I am a little different than other Bulldogs. I look more like a Boxer with a Bulldog face. I am lean, tall and sleek as silk. I am also sweet as sugar and have the foster parents wrapped around my paw!

I have showed them some of my tricks, such as sit and shake. I can also howl when I need something. That makes my foster mom laugh! I am so smart, they say. I love to walk and be outside, even if it’s cold.

You should know: I have an issue with my peeing parts. Doc says one of my ureters is attached to my vulva, instead of my bladder, and I leak pee. I have no idea I am doing it. It just happens. Foster Mom says it’s not a big problem ~ waterproof mattress pads are the key! That and lots of blankets so I can always feel comfortable and move around when I feel wet. Foster Mom even says that, when I leave my room, I can sit on waterproof pads on the couch and hang with them. I can’t wait to get to meet my foster siblings! I can hear them and they sound nice. Wish me luck! Tomorrow is the big day! 😊

P.S. Doc and Ronnie have sent me to a specialist and are now trying to get me into Texas A&M for surgery, so I won’t have this peeing problem in the future. I hope it helps because I really do want a home of my own someday. That is my wish for 2021

1/25/21 Update:  Jessie got to enjoy some great outdoor time yesterday before the clouds came drifting in. She is so joyful about everything she does, it just makes you smile. She only wants to please and play and make you happy! 😊

And now, drumroll please… Jessie is going to Texas A&M on February 2 to have her ureter issue fixed! This is like “winning the super bowl” news! We are so excited and cannot wait!
This sweet girl tries her best to clean up after herself and seems embarrassed to have us clean her. But hey, what are parents for anyway? We are just so happy that she will have a chance to be truly housebroken (she never actually pees in the house). This will multiply her odds of being adopted by 300%! She so deserves that.
In the meantime, we will count the days and continue to love her and keep her happy, safe and comfortable. Thank you so much to everyone involved in this acceptance process and everyone who has donated to help our Bulldogs have a better life. We love you so much for it!
2/3/21 Update:  I am at Texas A&M this morning for my procedure.
Foster Mom and Day gave me a lift down here yesterday, so they could do testing and get to know my situation. Today’s the “big day” and I am a little nervous. I don’t understand why they make you do this kind of stuff without breakfast. Breakfast helps everything! Oh, well… they have promised to feed me later today and I guess I will have to live with that.
I wanted to ask everyone to be thinking about me and saying a little prayer that this procedure will be successful. Rescue is spending a lot of money to help me and I just want it to work. I am doing my part by being good and doing everything they say, and not complaining too much about breakfast.
They will keep Foster Mom updated during and after. Cross your fingers and/or paws for me, Jessie Lynn, as they help me to become a dog without peeing problems… a dog who everyone will love and want to adopt!
Thank you for helping me.

2/7/21 Update:  Jessie Lynn was sprung from Texas A&M last Thursday afternoon. She made lots of new friends there and loved her red carpet exit, but she was ready to hit the car and go home!

Her prognosis is good, but we should know more in a couple of weeks. She is experiencing some issues this morning and I have a call in to A&M to check on them. Please keep this sweetheart in your thoughts and prayers. She is doing her very best to heal properly, but is struggling today. ☹
Thanks to everyone who has supported her through this process. The surgery was costly ($2,568.81), but hopefully in the end, it will be worth it. To those of you who donate to help our Bulldogs, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your donations have given her a chance to be whole. She is loved, happy and safe, and she sends kisses to each of you for your generosity.

3/8/21 Update: It’s been a few weeks of complete craziness!

First, her trip to A&M for laser surgery, followed by a week of cold, ice and living in front of a fireplace with lots of blankets, then getting boarded for a week with the gang while the foster parents went on a much-needed vacation. Talk about the scenery changing every time she blinked her eyes! But, she made it through it all with flying colors! She got “most well behaved” while boarding (not hard to do, compared to the rest of our crew, but hey, she deserved it)! She is always laid back, sweet and gentle.

Her body is still adapting to her surgery and she is still leaking when she needs to pee, but I feel like she is getting better at realizing it each day. We have some washable diapers coming soon and we will see if that helps, so stay tuned for progress reports.

We are amazed each day by her adaptability and resilience. She is such an amazing girl and deserves only the best.

Thanks again to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and all their supporters for all you have done to help her. She gives each day her very best!

3/19/21 Update:  Jessie Lynn sends greeting to everyone from her favorite chair.  She continues to thrive in her foster home, but is having to adjust to foster mom going back to work all day.  

The whole crew is having separation anxiety and acting out lately.  I am sure that will pass as when I left this morning, everyone was asleep and couldn’t care less if I was leaving.  But getting used to not having frequent bathroom breaks anymore is tough for Jess, and she has to pee in her diaper.  Speaking of that, she wears one whenever she is indoors as she is still leaking a good bit.  They are washable cloth diapers and work just great

It is imperative that she poops each morning before I leave and each night before she goes to bed or she will poop in her diaper, take it off and destroy the evidence.  Yep, it’s a thing.  But so far it’s only happened a couple of times as we are usually quite diligent about taking her out.  We don’t want her to go through that.  She is so ashamed afterwards, but it’s totally not her fault!

Jessie is the absolute sweetest and best dog ever.  She is so deserving of an awesome forever home, but I think it will need to be someone who is home all day.  She gets along great with her foster roomies and is so full of love and life.  Oh yes, and she thinks she is a lap dog.  Either that or she wants me out of her chair and squishing me usually works every time!  LOL!  She loves to walk, chew bones and toys, play and most of all be loved and petted.  She is not shy about asking for attention either.  She will come right up and slobber you.  She would make some special someone the best pet ever.  She just needs someone to give her a chance.  Is that someone you?

4/25/21 Update:  Jessie has no problems making herself comfy! She usually bunches up all the pillows, pulls down the blanket and makes a big cushy spot to nest in, but because I was washing the big blanket, she made do this way!

7/20/21 Update:  Jessie Lynn loves to sunbathe! Unfortunately for her, it’s not as long as she would like to and you literally have to pick her up and make her go inside. Silly dog! 


Jesse is doing great, just waiting and wondering why she hasn’t had any meet-and-greets. She may have bladder issues, but she wears a diaper inside (most of the time) and does a great job of letting you know when she needs to go potty.  It’s more like a huge whining demand, actually! LOL, but it works!


She is sweet, gentle and loves to play with Norman, our little chihuahua/terrier mix. She is obedient, loves her walks and ball playing. She is an awesome companion and a great dog.


She cannot ever get enough food, love or attention, and paws you for it all day long. We just love her, her attitude and her sweet gentleness.  Somewhere out there is her perfect match… I just know it! 

10/6/21 Update:  Jessie Lynn wanted to check in and let everyone know she is doing great and “Livin’ La Vida Loca” on the patio with her gang.  They don’t stay out long, but they make repeated visits throughout the day.  

Jessie just went to see Doc and while she is too big to sit in her lap with her legs dangling everywhere, she did manage to supply her with lots of kisses.  Jess has gained 10 much needed pounds and got the two thumbs up from Doc.  She was so pleased with herself.

Jesse is such a great girl.  She is an attention hog and will paw you continually for more pets until you have no skin left.  Lol!  She, unfortunately, is still leaking and continues to wears diapers in the house.  But, she doesn’t mind.  As long as you keep petting her, all is good!  She gets along well with all our dogs and loves to play with Norman, our little chihuahua/terrier mix.  They love to zoom through the house at breakneck speed and it’s hilarious to see who comes out with the toy.  She loves walks and treats and especially mealtime!  Just your normal dog who needs a little extra care.

6/1/22 Update:  Hi all!  Jessie Lynn here checking in from the foster casa where I have enjoyed a weekend of short sunbathing excursions with my pals.  I can tolerate the heat better than they can so I get to stay outside a little longer.  Score!  I love being outside.  I am still doing great in my foster home.  I am happy and healthy and as sweet as can be.  I still have to wear diapers, but not when I am outside!  Score again!   I knew you guys hadn’t seen a pic of me in a while, so I asked foster mom to do a closeup so you could see how pretty I am!  This would be your view if you were my new parents….my face stuck into yours.  I love to look into your eyes and rest my chin on yours.  Lol!  FM says I am silly, but I just like to be as near as possible to you.  I love my pals here at the foster casa and am learning to be more tolerant of cats.  They have pointy objects on their paws and I don’t like them.  Well, time for my nap, so TTFN!  Love, Jess