Kris Kringle

Age: 4 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $600

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Kris Kringle

My name is Kris Kringle and I am four years old. Oh, and I walk with a limp. I have this giant (4×3 inch) tumor around my elbow, and it makes it very hard for me to walk. Maybe that is why I ended up in the shelter. Maybe no one wanted a bulldog with a gimpy leg.

But everyone tells me how sweet I am. I just love people and I am always happy. I refuse to let my condition get me down. I met Dr. Larsen for a few minutes today and she told me she and her staff would take the best care of me. The shelter had a vet take an X-ray of my leg. Dr. Larsen says it looks like part of the bone is just missing. That is why I cannot walk in my leg. It has been that way as long as I can remember.

So I am going to get a complete exam and maybe some more X-rays. Then she and I will talk about what needs to be done. She said she might have to amputate my leg. If she does, I can handle that like I do everything else. I haven’t used the leg in a long time and it just gets in the way, so that might not be so bad. We will just see what happens and take it as it comes.

I am just going to chill out and enjoy all the pampering I am getting. I will let you know what we decide. My name is Kris Kringle and I promise we will all have a Merry Christmas!

12/13/21 Update:  The news on foster boy Kris Kringle is not that great. We are still waiting on his lab results. We certainly hope those are normal and his organs are functioning normally. We also hope for no heartworms.

There are some bad places in his leg bone that Dr. Larsen doesn’t think are repairable. She is also afraid of bone cancer being present. Therefore, she will amputate his leg at the joint between the humerus and scapula (shoulder blade). This will leave him with somewhat of a shoulder and he will still look like a full-chested Bulldog. He hasn’t used the leg in a long time, so walking without it will not be much of a change.

He has some mild hip dysplasia and some osteoarthritis in his right front leg. This is probably caused by him walking so out of alignment. They have started him on joint supplements and pain meds.

He also has been shot with a pellet gun- he has a pellet in his abdomen and one in his knee. 

She will try to remove the one from his knee, so it will not migrate into the joint.

If his labs are good, she plans to operate next week. She said Kris needed as much time as possible to get back in shape before Christmas! In spite of it all, he is just the happiest dog around.

12/21/21 Update:  As he heals from his leg amputation, foster boy Kris Kringle continues to amaze us. 

The vet staff removed his drain yesterday and he’s doing great. Just seeing him move around and constantly wag his little nub is worth the price of admission! He may be the happiest dog ever.

He’ll stay at the vet clinic for three weeks for recovery and rehab and then he’ll be neutered. He’ll be ready for his foster home and more rehab soon after. We also are looking into a prosthetic leg suitable for him.

1/3/22 Update:   Foster boy Kris Kringle is having a great holiday. After his recent leg amputation, Dr. Larsen is spoiling him in her home! She writes: This dog is hilarious. He likes to sleep on his back. No barking, potty trained, good manners… just a wonderful personality. He would make an amazing therapy dog.

1/25/22 Update:   Poor foster boy Kris Kringle has had a rough couple weeks. After his left front leg was amputated, he was neutered, but then his penis prolapsed and he required another procedure. Unfortunately, he continued to bleed so he had to have more tests and another surgery. But today is a good day for him! Dr. Larsen removed his indwelling catheter a couple days early and he celebrated with a puppuccino. Please keep him in your thoughts as he heals. He’s been through so much.

2/5/22 Update:   We sprung Kris Kringle from the vet clinic this week. He’s a great guy who loves to relax on the couch. 

He also loves to run around, but we limit his play so he won’t get hurt because he has only 3 legs now. He gets around great, but needs to be in a home without stairs. 

He gets along pretty well with the other dogs and he’s pretty much potty trained. He loves his bed and a warm blanket. 

2/16/22 Update:  When you hear my name, you may think Christmas, but I’m looking for a valentine! I enjoy snuggling (I’ve reached expert level on the snuggle scale), car rides, a warm blanket and a soft bed. Will you be my valentine?

2/22/22 Update:    Remember stereograms? You’re looking at a picture, and if you stare at it hard enough, another picture emerges. Well, that’s what you have here. You think you’re looking at grass, but if you stare at it hard enough, you’ll see a Bulldog, Kris Kringle.

2/28/22 Update:  Relaxation mode: activated! Kris Kringle is the best at relaxing and snuggling!

4/13/22 Update:  “Oh, hi, Foster Mommy. Don’t mind me. I was just sending emails on your behalf!” 

From his foster momma: I’m not entirely sure how Kris Kringle got up on my rolling office chair because he has three legs, but I’ll let him keep his secrets, especially because he ‘helps’ around the office!

5/2/22 Update:   He’s loving the warm weather. He could stay outside all day! We do limit his play some because he has three legs and gets tired more quickly, but he sure loves to run around!

5/18/22 Update:  Kris Kringle is a great guy! He potties outside like a champion, and he loves all people big and small! He picks and chooses the dogs he likes. He usually likes submissive dogs who are smaller than him.

Perhaps he’d be a good fit in your home? His three legs certainly don’t slow him down!  

7/23/22 Update:   Kris Kringle enjoys relaxing by the pool, but we have to bring him in after a few minutes because of the heat. He’s longing for cooler days.