Layla Jane

Age: 9 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $400.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Layla Jane

I was born on a Halloween night nine years ago. Some may say I’m getting a little old for a Bulldog and my owner was getting a little older, too. She recently fell and broke her leg and hip. She had to go live in a rehab place and the folks at the facility would not let me live with her. My mom had to ask her family to find me a place in rescue.
I hope she does alright and I promised her I would continue to be a good girl in rescue. I get around really well for my age. I fool most people, though I am getting a little stiff. I get regular vet visits and I am current on my shots. I get that dry skin some older people and dogs get. I also have a very deep tail pocket that needs regular maintenance or it will get infected. Otherwise, I think I am good to go find a new home.
I can sit for you and my favorite thing is to simply be by your side. I will walk by you or sit by you. I just love my person. Do you think you can love me?

4/25/21 Update:  Hello friends, Layla here with a bulldog update.  I have changed foster homes.  Totally not my fault.  The dogs that I started fights with were just plain pest.  At least I thought so.  It’s like when there is a situation, and 2 people see the same thing, but both have different ideas of what happened.  I saw some smaller dogs that to me needed corrected and the lady that owned them did not see that.  She said, “Layla I am going to give you one more chance to play nice and if you don’t pack your bags.”  I kept thinking I can do this, I can do this, and then I can’t do this.” So , my bags where packed and here I am with a new address.

I am 9m years old, only take a joint supplement, and I am looking for a fur-free family who is looking for me.  I am totally potty trained, have my own bed, food, and bowls.  And oh, and you might want to be fur free! Or at least have some fur that is bigger than me!

5/4/21 Update:  At the age of 9 you would think she was cool, calm and collected. Far from it.  Layla is all over the place. Layla can run fast as the wind and fight with the best of them.  Her sweet face will fool you.  Behind that smile is a warrior. Several times this week she has tried to take the Queen title away from the resident queen and each time she failed.  The resident queen is not about to relinquish the throne. So, Layla now resides in a room all to herself which is sad. Layla’s perfect family will be free of all fur and will want a great senior that wants to be a best friend.