Layla Jane

Age: 9 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $400

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Layla Jane

I was born on a Halloween night nine years ago. Some may say I’m getting a little old for a Bulldog and my owner was getting a little older, too. She recently fell and broke her leg and hip. She had to go live in a rehab place and the folks at the facility would not let me live with her. My mom had to ask her family to find me a place in rescue.
I hope she does alright and I promised her I would continue to be a good girl in rescue. I get around really well for my age. I fool most people, though I am getting a little stiff. I get regular vet visits and I am current on my shots. I get that dry skin some older people and dogs get. I also have a very deep tail pocket that needs regular maintenance or it will get infected. Otherwise, I think I am good to go find a new home.
I can sit for you and my favorite thing is to simply be by your side. I will walk by you or sit by you. I just love my person. Do you think you can love me?

4/25/21 Update:  Hello friends, Layla here with a bulldog update.  I have changed foster homes.  Totally not my fault.  The dogs that I started fights with were just plain pest.  At least I thought so.  It’s like when there is a situation, and 2 people see the same thing, but both have different ideas of what happened.  I saw some smaller dogs that to me needed corrected and the lady that owned them did not see that.  She said, “Layla I am going to give you one more chance to play nice and if you don’t pack your bags.”  I kept thinking I can do this, I can do this, and then I can’t do this.” So , my bags where packed and here I am with a new address.

I am 9m years old, only take a joint supplement, and I am looking for a fur-free family who is looking for me.  I am totally potty trained, have my own bed, food, and bowls.  And oh, and you might want to be fur free! Or at least have some fur that is bigger than me!

5/4/21 Update:  At the age of 9 you would think she was cool, calm and collected. Far from it.  Layla is all over the place. Layla can run fast as the wind and fight with the best of them.  Her sweet face will fool you.  Behind that smile is a warrior. Several times this week she has tried to take the Queen title away from the resident queen and each time she failed.  The resident queen is not about to relinquish the throne. So, Layla now resides in a room all to herself which is sad. Layla’s perfect family will be free of all fur and will want a great senior that wants to be a best friend.

5/18/21 Update:  Hello bulldog family! Layla Jane checking in to remind everyone that I am still looking for my family.  If you have already my bio then you know that I am 9 and I lived in a home with my mom, but she fell and broke her hip, and she had to go to rehab.  It was a sad day for us both. I promised her I would be a good girl and I have lived up to my promise.

I am not sure if my age is scaring people away from wanting to adopt me, but let me tell you, I am far from an antique. I can run like the wind, all I take is a joint supplement and really,  I am maintenance free.  Now make no mistake I can scuffle with the best of them if someone wants to scuffle.  I am in the general population most of the time at my foster home, but when you least expect it, I look over and I just feel like someone needs correcting. And then I go to time out. So, maybe a fur free family is the right family for me. I am packed and ready for a family of my own and please don’t think just because I am older, I may not be a good fit . I am a great fit. Please meet me to see.

6/28/21 Update: I’m checking in from the splash pad. What a fun afternoon I had! The water was just perfect and the mist in my fur was amazing. I was brave and turned the pressure up so I could get a full effect of the spray. There was no need to get the life jacket because the pad is only 5 inches deep. I felt certain I could jump out it I needed. Even though I am a senior, I got moves.

This week, I spent some time in “time out” because all a sudden, I felt the need to correct someone. This feeling comes over me and I need to be “the fun police.” I start a fight and off I go to solitary confinement, where I am supposed to “think about why I did what I did.” That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard of… I did what I did because I wanted to!
I am looking for a forever family that understands me. I need to be the only queen in the house. I am super active for a senior. I only take a joint supplement , and I am looking for a best friend with skin. No fur. I try to play nice, but let’s face it, sometimes the devil just makes me do it!

1/7/22 Update:Hello friends, Layla checking in on a cold cold morning.  As you can see from my photo’s I am not really a morning bulldog. But when breakfast is served it’s either get up and eat or someone else will be eating your breakfast.  That is just how it goes around my foster home. And as you can see from my morning photo’s me missing a meal is not happening.

I have been in rescue for a while waiting on a fur free family to want to adopt me. Even though I am 9 years old I have plenty of life left in me.  The only medication I take is a joint supplement and I love that morning chew.

So, if you are looking for a best friend, a fur snuggle buddy and you are fur free  look no further , it’s me Layla just sit here waiting to be a new best friend!

3/18/22 Update:  The struggle is real. I am still struggling with the time change. 

As you can see from the boxes behind me, my job as quality control with Amazon is on the line. I go to work with the intention of staying upright and before you know it, I am taking a nap. 

I am hoping this week I can find my forever family. I am a senior lady, but I am fast as lightning. I only take a joint supplement once a day and that keeps me moving. 

My forever family needs to be fur-free or be able to keep me in a part of the home without fur. Most days, I’m great with other dogs, but then there are times that the hair on the back of my neck stands up and the fight is on. If you see me moving slowly toward another fur animal, that is the warning that I feel like correcting someone! 

I love, love, love to go for a ride in the car. That is the highlight on my day. Every evening, I visit the magic window for a cup of yogurt, so when you adopt me, I would love for that tradition to continue

I hope I get adopted soon so I can quit my day job and just sit at home and be me.  

4/27/22 Update:  Bulldog friends it’s me Layla checking in from my job at Amazon in quality control. I must say I am surprised I have not found my forever family yet.  I am a great worker, a beautiful senior lady and have the best skin there is. Oil of Olay ain’t got nothing on me.

My only requirement is I need to be the only thing with fur in your home. I just can’t make myself like other things with fur. Last week I saw a cat, it was not a pleasant encounter—for the cat. Let’s just say, in the future, that cat will be more mindful of the yard he tries to cross. So, no dogs and no cats for me.

My ideal home would be a family that needs a companion, and all I really want is to be someone’s best friend. I love kids, 100% potty trained, and if I can say so myself,  I am one beautiful bulldog. Love Layla, age 9.