Luna Jean

Luna Jean

Luna could tell as soon as we put her harness on her early this morning.  Something was going to be different today.  We packed her things and headed out on a 3.5hr adventure.  First stop was Buc-cee’s.  She was treated to some kolache‘s.  She was excited then took a much needed nap.  Luna finally got to her destination and oh man it was special.  She met her first fur sister Oliver and they hit it off.  Luna is a long lean girl that doesn’t seem to get tired.  Next was Jen a bigger girl than her and they seemed to hit it off as well.  She was so happy that there were others like her that could finally keep up.  We are so happy that the perfect match for her was out there.  We will miss you sweet Luna, but will love to see the updates.

My name is Luna Jean and today I joined rescue along with me daughter, Pebbles. I am almost three years old. 

Our parents had health problems and could no longer care for us. So they did the next best thing—they surrendered us to the shelter. They did so because the nice shelter people said they knew the perfect group to take us and find us the best forever home.

I have had some puppies, but I filed for early retirement. Dr. Larsen said she would help me finalize that paperwork! I am very active and love to run and play. I will need some work on basic skills. I never really had much training.

I can’t wait to find my new forever family.

8/9/21 Update:  We picked up mama (Luna) and daughter (Pebbles) Thursday evening. Have you ever seen a Bulldog with the energy of a Husky and ability to do a 5’ vertical? Well, come to my house and I’ll show you! Ha! However, they are both as sweet as can be. 

They are acclimating to their new environment. Both dogs are learning how to interact with humans and live in a house. There have been a few accidents, but for the most part,  they will potty outside. They are extremely toy-driven and usually want the one the other has, which makes protecting Luna’s eye sutures challenging! 

Pebbles loves belly scratches and Luna will sit there all day if you pet her head. 

They are learning that treats are good, although they are pretty picky. 

They will be sending their own updates once they learn how to use the computer. m water and the soapy scrub. I don’t want it to end.  When it does end I get a towel rub, and that’s  great too. I can hardly wait until it’s shower time again.