Age: 2 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $700

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


As a “teenager,” Magnus needed a couple of days to adjust to his foster home, but he’s starting to relax and show his personality. He is FULL of energy and loves to play. We are definitely working on his strong need to be in charge and take everything (toys, food) from every other dog in the house. He’s making strong progress every day, so I’m expecting him to learn to be a good housemate. He’s absolutely cute and I love his personality!

3/22/22 Update:  Magnus had a great week and continues to learn more every day. He is an energetic, active dog and sometimes wants to play chase with the cat, even if the cat doesn’t want to play. I’m sure you can tell he’s in time out sometimes. We’re still working on the food and toy stealing as well, but despite all his teenager ways, he’s a lot of fun and really just wants to be loved (He’s a hugger). Oh, and he loves water!

3/30/22 Update:  Magnus had a great week and was sad he couldn’t attend the Bulldog Bonanza on Saturday. Like every other teenager, he’s full of energy and ready to go, especially if water is involved. He’s sweet enough to bring me the water hose if I take too long.

4/5/22 Update:  Unfortunately, we learned that foster boy Magnus has a grade 4 heart murmur, so he’ll need to see a cardiologist before we do any anesthesia. 

4/18/22 Update:  Have you ever seen a Bulldog fly? Once you turn on the water, he turns into an acrobat! 

Magnus has a lot of energy, so he is definitely looking for a walking buddy AND someone who will let him snuggle with them each night (he’s a cuddler). 

He will be visiting Dr. Larsen soon and then will be matched to a home that can provide a lot of love, patience and exercise! 

He still likes to steal toys and food, and he still has the occasional accident, but he definitely exudes the typical Bulldog loyalty and love.

5/12/22 Update:  Magnus is back from Dr. Larsen’s and ready to find his forever family! 

Before Magnus came into rescue and my home, he had been living in a backyard and was a bit of a “wild child.” He has come so far in the last six weeks and each day he becomes even more amazing. 

He’s still working on some social behaviors (e.g., food stealing, some potty training, toy stealing), but every day, I know how much he appreciates coming into my home (he really, really likes to snuggle). 

If you’re looking for a loyal, loving, active Bulldog, Magnus may be your match.

5/18/22 Update:  Magnus is so happy summer is here. He’ll be even happier when we find his perfect furever family! Are you looking for a new workout buddy?

5/25/22 Update:   Magnus’s enjoyed yesrerday’s weather. He spent time outside on a long walk and then he took a LONG nap! It was a perfect lazy Sunday.

6/1/22 Update:  Magnus has been working so hard to learn manners and how to live in a home. He’s still working on some behaviors, but he has come so far! One thing he is perfect at is absolute adoration of his people. Magnus is looking for that special person he can call his and will patiently help him to continue to grow.

6/28/22 Update:  Magnus has perfected the “I don’t want to look”.  “I don’t want to take a bath”… “I don’t want to go inside”…. Typical teenager. J Magnus has a BIG personality, if nothing else he keeps you laughing.