Mary Jane

Age: 5 Months

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $700

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

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Mary Jane

My name is Mary Jane and I am five months old. I was born with a birth defect, a cleft palate. Many cleft palate puppies are left to die. But my skin mom loved me so much she was not about to let that happen. She fed me with a bottle and a tube for weeks and weeks. 

When I started trying to eat solid food, it would go up and get caught in the hole in the roof of my mouth. She would have to rinse it out every time. Stuff would get caught and end up in my sinuses and I would sneeze out nasty stuff. That makes my breath stink. But she did not mind the extra work, she loved me.

But as I got older she knew if I were to have the quality of life I deserved, I needed a special surgery she could not afford. So that is when she contacted rescue and that is why I am here. You should have seen how much she cried. She said she was both happy and sad. How could that be? She was so sad to see me leave, but she was happy I was going to get a chance at a full life.

So I met Dr. Larsen and got to sit on her lap. I also met Dr. Lay and he will do my surgery to close up my palate. I am nervous and yet excited about the change and my new life. Because I have never been able to eat right I only weigh 24 pounds. So I am looking forward to putting on some more pounds real soon.

I am very calm for a puppy and love to sit in laps. I have a couple of chew toys I especially like. Everyone says they love that I don’t chew on everything like most puppies my age. 

Stay tuned to watch my recovery and transformation.

10/6/21 Update:  Foster girl Mary Jane is so much more alert and active than last week. She is beginning to eat more. Because of the length of the incision in the roof of her mouth, it slightly alters the way she eats, so she is having to adjust a little. 

It looks like a small gap has opened in the front part of the cleft palate repair. Dr. Lay says that is not too unexpected. They will wait a month until everything heals and examine her again. They may have to do some minor repair then.

12/29/21 Update:   Merry Christmas from foster kids Bella Chubby C., Mary Jane and alumnus Sir S’mores A’Lot. 

The foster momma writes: This moment in time is a Christmas miracle….that cost me about a pound of high-value treats, at least 20 minutes and about 100 takes.

3/30/22 Update:  As Bulldog lovers know, nightly face, nose rope and ear cleaning are pretty much necessities. Mary Jane has learned to politely wait her turn for “up ups.” Now, if we could just get her to gain a little more weight. She’s up almost 10 lbs since she’s been with us. She has the beginnings of some face wrinkles!

This girl wales up full throttle and ready to party every single day. Who doesn’t  love a 6am round of keep away/chase/fetch.  Mary Jane’s all time favorite game is keep away. Her binky is her current favorite toy.

5/25/22 Update:   Mary Jane is enjoying the cooler weather and loves to play keep away.

6/28/22 Update:  Mary Jane had a HUGE week. She had her cleft palate surgery and now it’s completely closed. We’re in the waiting period to be sure it heals properly. The doc took the bone graft from her leg to close the roof of her mouth. They wired in the bone piece, then stretched the gums across it to establish blood flow and form the roof. For the next three weeks, her life will involve kennel rest and feeding tubes

Please send her all the prayers, happy thoughts and healing energy as she recovers.

7/9/22 Update:  Mary Jane checking in or you can call me “Janie” like Foster Mom.  

I came to stay with Foster Mom after Dr. Lay did another surgery on my cleft palate. He took a piece of my hip bone and placed it in the roof of my mouth.

Now, I have a feeding tube, which I have to have for at least three weeks. It has already been two weeks and I am doing great.  

Foster Mom and I have a routine and I thought I would share what goes on, three times a day. It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. I sometimes fall asleep while I am eating.

I hope everything heals up soon, so I can start eating on my own and can play with toys again. I have to walk on a leash and when I pass by all the toys in the house on the way outside, I hear a lot of “no toys!” 

I will let you all know how my next checkup goes.

7/25/22 Update:  I am doing great and being the best girl. 

I saw Dr. Lay and Jeannie for a checkup and they said the roof of my mouth is healing. The sides around the bone he placed is rolling in, which is good. He did say it would take a long time to completely cover it and he has another option he wants to try. It would help speed up the healing and get me off of “tube feeding” quicker. I’m in!  Another surgery is in my future. 

Foster Mom and I will continue my current feeding routine. I now turn around and plop in her lap and, most of the time, fall asleep!