Max Power

Age: 1 Yr. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $700

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Max Power

My family was growing and they weren’t able to take care of me anymore, so they did the right thing and called rescue. 

My mom was in tears as I left, but I let her know I will be able to find a great family in rescue. My family loved me dearly and sent me here with beds, toys and bowls. 

Now a little about me: I’m around 1 year old and I have a ton of energy. They don’t call me Max Power for nothin’! I will be going to visit Dr. Larsen this week to sit in her lap. Then I will be looking through the approved applications and  hope to be adopted soon.

5/25/22 Update:  Foster boy Max Power is looking for a calm home with submissive dogs…. and maybe a few new balls. He’s only about 1 year old, so he would do best with a firm parent who’s willing to teach him how to be a great(er) dog. He already knows how to sit for a yummy treat.

6/1/22 Update:  Foster boy Max Power took a short car ride to the park and he tried to call shotgun. 

He sat nicely in the back seat on the way to the park and once at the park, he sat nicely and watched the squirrels play. He likes to be nice and close to his people….. hence we got lots of butt shots today! But (pun intended) look at it – it’s cute.

6/13/22 Update:  Foster boy Max Power is looking for a calm home with submissive dogs…. and maybe a few new balls. 

He’s only about 1 year old, so he would do best with a firm parent who’s willing to teach him how to be a great(er) dog. He already knows how to sit for a yummy treat.

8/3/22 Update:  I’m that case: Max Power came to me and my husband, Kevin, from Ruffit boarding. He was, as you know, on Paxil (once daily) and Gabapentin (twice daily) and still considered “non social”.

After coming to my home 2 weeks ago, we’ve worked with Max Power on a few basic commands. “Stay” was mastered within an hour. “Leave it” took him a few days, but he finally got it and can use the same command for “drop it”, but slowly. “Drop it” is not his favorite command and you can see his thought process when he’s deciding whether to listen or not. He is learning to fetch —and is doing well, but does get possessive after a few throws.

Max has been resource guarding, especially toys. Kevin and I (and his trainer) think it may be from lack of toys as the result of being in boarding for so long. We are still working on “drop it” and “down”. He gets so excited when he meets new people, he’s started jumping, so “down” is our more important next step while we have him.

Max has his own space in the car that he knows belongs to him. He wants to be in the front seat so badly, but we just say “stay” and he sits in his seat with no issues. We have a ramp for him to walk up to his seat and he knows that’s his ramp! LOL

We’ve tried day play at my day care at Ruffit on Oak Lawn. He didn’t care for doodles, pretty much immediately. After a few days of intermittent playing, where he played an hour or two, then was kenneled in the play room for 15-30 minutes, he figured it out and loves to play with the pack. Total introduction time took about 4 hours, we still do intermittent playing.

The importance of his play time is: We’ve weened him down to 1 Paxil on long play days. If he has an incident (so far, 1 incident in 2 weeks), our handlers give him a Gabapentin with Zuke’s rabbit treats (8 calories, high condroitin and glucosamine). He stays in time out for 15-30 minutes while the Gabapentin works, then returns to day play, so far with no issues.

8/8/22 Update:   I’m having a lazy day with my foster parents after a long week of day play.

I have been rebelling, honestly. If my foster mom isn’t home, I don’t give my foster pop any warning when I need to go out. I’m just really worried about my foster mom when she’s not around.

When I meet new people in the home, I get extremely excited and let them know I’m protecting my foster family by chewing on their shoes —even if they’re still on the person— especially leather. “Leave it” almost always works. “Drop it” never works, but I have been getting a little better about resource guarding toys.

My foster mom says I do surprisingly well at sharing food and snacks. I don’t get upset if another dog takes them from me or eats from the same area, but if they’re served in a toy (like the Kong Wobble), I can get a little angry. My toys are mine and my foster parents have to make sure I have plenty to play with.

Our trainer is now working on the resource guarding issue and also working on my aggressive playfulness toward “Doodles.” It is specifically them and no other breeds. 

At bed time, I lay my head in my foster mom’s hand and walk her to my bed for goodnight chin scratches and a very gentle nose kiss. In the morning, when I wake up, the same gentle hands greet me and really make me feel loved. 

I get a little achy in the mornings, so I just lay on the cold tile for a few minutes, stretching out as far as I can before going out to my own big backyard to potty.

I haven’t had any issues chewing furniture or bedding, and I haven’t tried getting into the bins. Aside from my “tough chewer” toys and that one shoe before training, I don’t really put anything else in my mouth that isn’t snacks, treats, food, or my near gallon of water every day.

In the backyard, we’ve started loose-leash training and I’ve graduated to walking freely. I haven’t been interested in walking off or wandering unless my foster parents are by my side. I really prefer being very close to people and don’t like when I can’t stop for a nuzzle. 

In the house, my favorite place to nap is under my foster mom’s desk, by her feet. That’s where I feel safe and I’m comforted knowing she’s close.

When we’re doing the loose leash on the dog walk or at the park, I don’t pull or walk ahead any more and I’ve been great about controlling my excitement when I see another dog. I do well with ASL commands and with verbal commands, but my foster mom says it’s because I’ve been adjusting in day play. I think she should go to day play, too. She can see how fun Doodle ankles are, especially when I make those tall kids fall then chase me.