Mei Mei

Age: 7 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $500

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Mei Mei

Hello all my bulldog friends, it’s me Mei Mei and I joined rescue yesterday! I was joining back in April, but some things came up, so I have just been hanging out with another family until I was ready for rescue!  I was ready this week.  

I have had the same Mom all my life. She was amazing and I loved her and she loved me. Then of all things, my Mom’s business took her to Denmark. When I looked that up on Google I realized that was over 5,000 miles away!  And there was no way I was flying that far. I really prefer all 4 paws on the ground. It was a sad sad day indeed. But Denmark called and my Mom was off and gone. 

I am now 7 years old and I call myself a senior.  But I do have a lot of life left to live. I walk great on a leash. I have a huge appetite.  I get along great with other dogs, and I even love cats.  I just had a medicated bath, and I had my nails trimmed. The rescue lady thought she was going to brush my teeth but I had other ideas. If I need my teeth brushed I will let Dr. Larsen do that when she does my dental. I don’t have a lot of teeth but the ones I have don’t need brushed by an amateur teeth brusher.  One of my eyes is a bit cloudy so I need that addressed.  I don’t remember if it is a dry eye or if I had an eye injury. But whatever the case, I will be happy to have medication for that.  

My name is pronounced May May. I know my name and I will come running when I hear a treat bag open or if I hear Mei Mei let’s go for a ride in the car.  I hope you love seniors and I hope you will love me.  Love everyone! Mei Mei

6/21/22 Update:   She has quickly made her way into our hearts! Foster brother Colt was a bit territorial at first, but Mei Mei was not bothered and just ignored him and walked away.

She is a cutie – petite and adorably sweet. I have never had a dog sit still to get eye meds done (and she has three right now). She sits like angel and lets you get them all done. Then, she takes her pets and walks away. She is happy to be loved.

Right now, she is a bit underweight, so she is getting a LOT of food and eats it all like a (messy) champ. She is currently finishing up some meds, so those go in with her food and she slurps them up like a champ.

She is on a slew of meds currently as we clear up some ear infections and she recovers from a growth removal. She also has some back and joint issues, so she is on meds to help with that. Doc noted some eye issues so she will continually need meds to prevent any additional problems. 

Sounds like a lot of issues? Not considering what she brings to the table!

She has permanent “Tongue Out Tuesday” when lying down, she has had NO accidents in the house and has been pretty cooperative about taking it easy because of her stitches.

She is young at heart and will be a great addition to her forever family.